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CNN: President Trump confirmed he will declare a national emergency in order to secure funding to build a wall at the southern border. Trump said some of the generals approved of him taking funds from military construction to build his wall. Sarah Sanders tweeted Trump signing the Declaration for a National Emergency from the White House. Even as he prepared to sign the Declaration Trump appeared to complain that the border security appropriations bill he will sign provides too much funding...

CNN: Former Rep. Charlie Dent, now a CNN political commentator criticized Trump's national emergency declaration as an illegal raid on military construction funds, and a slap in the face to Congress. "He added that Republican members of the armed services committee were likely to 'set themselves on fire over this,'..." "Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said President Trump's national emergency declaration does 'great violence' to the US Constitution..."

Reuters: Stocks posted broad based gains Friday led by financials. Investors were optimistic about the ongoing trade talks to resolve the tariff dispute between the US and China. President Trump said talks with China were going "extremely well" and the US is closer to having a "real" trade deal with Beijing. "Discussions between the world's largest economies will continue next week in Washington..."