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CNN:"President Biden announced Wednesday that he plans to send 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, reversing the administration’s longstanding resistance to requests from Kyiv for the highly sophisticated but maintenance-heavy vehicles. The Abrams will take months to arrive, senior administration officials said, and will require extensive training for Ukrainian troops on how to operate and service them. The US must navigate complicated supply chains for the components required for the tanks..."
CNN:"...Speaking from the White House, Biden said the tanks would “enhance Ukraine’s capacity to defend its territory and achieve its strategic objectives” in both the near and long terms. And while he touted the ability of the tanks to help Ukraine “counter Russia’s evolving tactics and strategy on the battlefield,” Biden insisted they should not be viewed by Moscow as an “offensive threat.” “This is not an offensive threat to Russia. There is no offensive threat to Russia if Russian troops return to Russia, where they belong,” he said." Earlier, Scholz told lawmakers in Germany’s parliament the decision to send Leopard 2 tanks had come after consultations with western allies..."
CNN:"A lawyer for former Vice President Mike Pence discovered about a dozen documents marked as classified at Pence’s Indiana home last week, and he has turned those classified records over to the FBI, multiple sources familiar with the matter told CNN."
CNN:"“...Putin and his retinue and everyone who approves of this war – these people are murderers. Why are [you] bothering this country that has been fine for 30 years?” Osechkin said that the Ukrainian heritage and family ties of many Russian officials played a key role in their defection, prompting them to join a years-long exodus of journalists and human rights defenders from Russia. “There is no truth in this war,” he said. “It’s the war of the one man who wants to save his power, his control over Russia and who wants to enter it in the international history and books in schools.” As a result of his work aiding in the escape of whistleblowers from Russia, Osechkin has become something of a beacon for defectors, who know that he has the contacts with Western authorities and public profile to ensure the most effective treatment of the secrets they smuggle out..."
WASHINGTONPOST:"Four members of the far-right Oath Keepers group were convicted of seditious conspiracy Monday, joining founder Stewart Rhodes in being found guilty by a jury of plotting to keep President Donald Trump in power by force..."
CNN:" The Justice Department signaled Friday it’s unlikely to share information about ongoing criminal investigations with the new GOP-controlled House, in a move that’s certain to frustrate Republicans in the chamber. In a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan responding to a flurry of document requests, the DOJ said that “any oversight requests must be weighed against the department’s interests in protecting the integrity of its work.”... "
CNN:"Protesters called for justice Friday night after officials released graphic video of Tyre Nichols' deadly beating by Memphis police officers. Editor's note: This article contains graphic videos and descriptions of violence. The video shows the 29-year-old Black driver getting pulled over on Jan. 7, then two separate confrontations with police, who severely beat him. He died three days later. Five former officers involved in the arrest have been charged with murder and kidnapping, the Shelby County district attorney announced Thursday. Violent videos can be difficult to watch. Read more about how to manage your stress here. ”
CNN:"At least seven people were killed and one person critically injured Monday in shootings at two separate locations in a small coastal community in the San Francisco Bay area, becoming the state’s second mass shooting in three days, officials said. The suspect, identified as 67-year-old Chunli Zhao, was taken into custody more than two hours after the shootings in Half Moon Bay, according to San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus. Authorities believe Zhao acted alone, with Corpus noting a motive was not known Monday night and there isn’t a threat to the community."
CNN:"... A nuclear physicist named Paul Aebersold found that “we swap out half of our carbon atoms every one to two months, and we replace a full 98 percent of all our atoms every year,” Levitt writes. Like a house constantly under renovation, we are ever-changing and replacing old parts with new ones: our water, proteins and even cells, most of which we apparently replace every decade. Eventually, our own cells will grow quiet, but their parts will reassemble into other forms of life. “Although we may die, our atoms don’t,” Levitt writes. “They revolve through life, soil, oceans, and sky in a chemical merry-go-round.” Just like the death of stars, in other words, our own destruction opens up another remarkable world of possibility."
CNN: Jake Tapper said some Democrats see what the rebels like Rep. Chip Roy is asking for is reasonable. Democratic Whip Katherine Clark said when they talk about process it's a smoke screen for what they are trying to do: to take the debt ceiling as leverage to make cuts to Social Security and Medicare and other social programs. Republicans voted to raise the debt ceiling 3 times under the trump administration. All this talk about processes is cover for their plan to dismantle the equities of our economy in the middle of a crisis so their billionaire buddies can thrive at the expense of working Americans.
WASHINGTONPOST :"Opinion Time is not on Ukraine’s side By Condoleezza Rice and Robert M. Gates January 7, 2023 at 7:00 a.m. EST. Vladimir Putin remains fully committed to bringing all of Ukraine back under Russian control or — failing that — destroying it as a viable country. He believes it is his historical destiny — his messianic mission — to reestablish the Russian Empire and, as Zbigniew Brzezinski observed years ago, there can be no Russian Empire without Ukraine...Increasingly, members of Congress and others in our public discourse ask, “Why should we care? This is not our fight.” But the United States has learned the hard way — in 1914, 1941 and 2001 — that unprovoked aggression and attacks on the rule of law and the international order cannot be ignored. Eventually, our security was threatened and we were pulled into conflict. This time, the economies of the world — ours included — are already seeing the inflationary impact and the drag on growth caused by Putin’s single-minded aggression. It is better to stop him now, before more is demanded of the United States and NATO as a whole. We have a determined partner in Ukraine that is willing to bear the consequences of war so that we do not have to do so ourselves in the future. President Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech before Congress last month reminded us of Winston Churchill’s plea in February 1941: “Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.” We agree with the Biden administration’s determination to avoid direct confrontation with Russia. However, an emboldened Putin might not give us that choice. The way to avoid confrontation with Russia in the future is to help Ukraine push back the invader now. That is the lesson of history that should guide us, and it lends urgency to the actions that must be taken — before it is too late."
"Jan 20 (Reuters) - Russians in St Petersburg and Moscow have been laying flowers at improvised memorials to the victims of a Russian missile attack on a nine-storey apartment block in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro..."
CNN:" An arrest warrant charging Brian Walshe with murder was issued Tuesday in the death of his wife Ana Walshe, a Massachusetts mother of three who had been missing since the new year, Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey announced. Walshe, 47, pleaded not guilty last week to misleading investigators about his actions around the time his wife went missing. He is being held at the Norfolk County House of Corrections..."
CNN:"... “In one day he ended every future opportunity that doesn’t include speaking engagements at the local Proud Boys chapter,” Hicks wrote to Radford on January 6, 2021. “And all of us that didn’t have jobs lined up will be perpetually unemployed. I’m so mad and upset. We all look like domestic terrorists now.” Hicks added: “This made us all unemployable. Like untouchable. God I’m so f***ing mad.” Radford responded by texting, “I know, like there isn’t a chance of finding a job,” and indicating she already lost a job opportunity from Visa, which sent her a “blow off email.”.. Hicks and Radford then discuss Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s in-law Karlie Kloss, the supermodel, tweeting that Trump’s response to the election was anti-American. “Unreal,” Radford texted."
WASHINGTONPOST:" The school-bus-size humpback whale that washed ashore on a narrow beach in Brigantine, N.J., this month weighed in at 12 tons and took a heavy emotional toll on coastal towns helplessly witnessing a spate of such deaths. The humpback was one of nine large whales to get stranded over six weeks on or near beaches in the Northeast, not far from where developers of hundreds of offshore wind turbines are engaged in a flurry of preconstruction activity. The deaths have prompted pushback against the projects even though government scientists say they are unrelated..."
CNN:"Special counsel Jack Smith has subpoenaed Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger as part of the Justice Department’s investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election and the US Capitol attack on January 6, 2021. Mike Hassinger, public information officer with the Georgia secretary of state’s office, confirmed that Raffensperger’s office has received a subpoena from Smith.“At the request of the Justice Department, we have no further comment,” Hassinger said in an email to CNN...
CNN:"Russian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Yan Rachinsky blasted President Vladimir Putin’s “insane and criminal” war on Ukraine in his acceptance speech in the Norwegian capital Oslo on Saturday. Rachinsky, from Russia’s human rights organization Memorial, claimed resistance to Russia is known as “fascism” under Putin, adding this has become “the ideological justification for the insane and criminal war of aggression against Ukraine.” Memorial, one of Russia’s most well-known and respected human rights groups, worked to expose the abuses and atrocities of the Stalinist era for more than three decades before it was ordered to close by the country’s Supreme Court late last year."
CNN:" A federal court of appeals in DC spent nearly two hours on Wednesday grappling with whether former President Donald Trump should be immune from liability in three separate lawsuits stemming from the January 6, 2021, insurrection..." Trump's lawyer argued "“It is very normal for a president to comment on any number of things,”COMMENT: This speech was in the furtherance of a criminal conspiracy to overthrow democracy that injured and threatened people and he should not be immune
STEWART-RHODES-CONSPIRACY-TRIAL CNN:"The US attorney general and federal investigators said the conviction of several members of the Oath Keepers, a right-wing militia group, for their role in the Jan. 6 insurrection sends a message that attempts to undermine democracy will not be tolerated. “The FBI will always uphold the rights of all citizens who peacefully engage in First Amendment protected activities, but we and our partners will continue to hold accountable those who engaged in illegal acts regarding the January 6, 2021, siege on the U.S. Capitol," FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a statement Tuesday. US Attorney General Merrick Garland, in the same statement, reiterated the intent to hold rioters who committed crimes accountable while praising the work of the prosecutors and agents in the case. "
AP:"A Marine who said he was waiting for “Civil war 2” and two other active-duty members of the military have been charged with participating in the riot at the U.S. Capitol, authorities said in newly filed court papers. Micah Coomer, Joshua Abate and Dodge Dale Hellonen were arrested this week on misdemeanor charges after their fellow Marines helped investigators identify them in footage among the pro-Trump mob on Jan. 6, 2021, according to court papers. Dozens of people charged in the riot have military backgrounds, but these three are among only a handful on active duty. A Marine Corps officer seen on camera scuffling with police and helping other members of the mob force their way into the Capitol was charged in 2021..."
CNN:"The Supreme Court’s reputation was already in question when The New York Times released an exposé over the weekend about another alleged breach at the high court. .. A majority of Americans are losing confidence in the institution, polls show, and its approval ratings are at a historic low. Critics charge that the court has become increasingly politicized, especially as a new conservative supermajority holds sway....."
CNN:"The massive hunt for missing 11-year-old Madalina Cojocari has been hampered by how late police in North Carolina were notified of her disappearance, Cornelius police Capt. Jennifer Thompson said in a video update. “One of the challenges in this case, simply put, we were not notified she was gone,” said Thompson. The search for Madalina has police looking all over the world. “Investigators have developed and followed nearly 250 leads spanning across state lines and across the globe,” Thompson said Tuesday."
CNN:" A driver working for FedEx was arrested and charged Friday in the kidnapping and killing of a 7-year-old girl who had disappeared from her home’s driveway in Texas earlier this week, police said. Athena Strand’s body was recovered Friday evening, Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin said at a news conference. “It hurts our hearts to know that child died,” Akin said Friday..."
CNN:" Two Indianapolis police officers had spent the day searching in vain for a missing baby in a stolen vehicle when they stopped to eat and gather their wits. “It was time for us to decompress because we were disappointed that we could not find him,” Sgt. Shawn Anderson of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department told CNN affiliate WISH-TV. “And then God opened up the heavens to us and almost took him and put him right in our hands.” There, outside a Papa John’s in the very plaza where Anderson and Sgt. Richard El had stopped to eat, was the stolen car. Kason was inside. The five-month-old had been missing for nearly three full days, and had likely been alone for most of the time... "
CNN:"s central California floodwater swept away their SUV Monday morning, 5-year-old Kyle Doan, now missing, encouraged his mother. “Don’t worry, Mommy,” the boy said, his father, Brian Doan, recalled Wednesday. “He wasn’t quite processing what was going on,” Doan told CNN. “But he was so calm talking to my wife while they were still in the car.”
CNN:" Every one of the countless mass shootings that has plagued the United States is its own tragic story, even if they are linked together by guns. The 2011 shooting of 18 people in a Safeway parking lot in Tucson, Arizona, in which six died, received more attention than most. That shooting fused gun violence and political violence because it was a targeted attack on then-Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was shot in the head but somehow survived. A new documentary uses private family video to detail Giffords’ unexpected survival, her struggle to relearn how to speak and her subsequent work as an activist trying to convince gun owners to embrace new gun safety laws."
"CNN contributors Shan Wu and Lisa Ling join anchor Amara Walker to discuss the racist remarks made by Thomas L. Keon, the chancellor of Purdue University Northwest, during a commencement speech. The chancellor was following the keynote speaker who referenced using "made up languages" to his grandchildren several times in his speech, which made no mention or reference to Asians..."
CNN:"...[T]he refugee who arrived in the United States from Vietnam in the mid-1970s, is now a Republican member of the powerful Orange County, California, Board of Supervisors, yet continues to face vitriolic racism – even while seated on the dais at public government meetings...."
CNN:"T Eight people were killed in a shooting in Jerusalem and ten were injured, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Friday. The shooting took place at a synagogue, according to the ministry. Israel’s Magen David Adom emergency rescue services said the shooter was neutralized at the scene and that some of the injured are in critical condition. Emergency services were responding to calls about a shooting in the city’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood on Friday night, they also said.The incident comes one day after the deadliest day for Palestinians in the West Bank in over a year, according to CNN records, when Israeli forces killed nine Palestinians and wounded several others in the West Bank city of Jenin on Thursday, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. A tenth Palestinian was killed in what Israel Police called a “violent disturbance” near Jerusalem..."
"LIMA, Jan 20 (Reuters) - Tensions flared again in Peru on Friday night as police clashed with protesters in capital Lima in anti-government demonstrations that are spreading across the country. Police officers used tear gas to repel demonstrators throwing glass bottles and stones, as fires burned in the streets, local TV footage showed. The unrest paused for a short-lived respite on Friday after clashes between protesters and police on Thursday night."
THE-DOJ-FBI "The FBI is engaged in a nationwide effort to build public awareness of hate crimes and encourage reporting to law enforcement. Hate crimes are the highest priority of the FBI’s civil rights program because of the devastating impact they have on families and communities.Hate crimes are not only an attack on the victim—they are meant to threaten and intimidate an entire community. “Hate crimes are the toppriority within the FBI’s Civil Rights Program, due to the devastating impact these types of crimes have on communities. One act can terrorize entire communities and groups of people,”said FBI Associate Deputy Director Jeffrey Sallet.“There’s simply no place in this country for hate and intolerance. We in the FBI stand ready to use all the tools at our disposal to reduce the threat of hate crimes and fulfill our mission to protect every American.” The FBI defines a hate crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated -in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.” The FBI works to protect all victims of crimes regardless of their country of national origin or immigration status...."
PRESIDENT.GOV.UA:"Dear Ukrainians, I wish you health! Today we are starting a marathon of honesty, which will be aimed at clearing the leadership of international Olympic structures of hypocrisy and any attempts to bring representatives of the terrorist state into world sports. One cannot but be disappointed by the statements of the current President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach. I spoke with him several times. And I never heard how he is going to protect sports from war propaganda if he returns Russian athletes to international competitions. There is no such thing as neutrality when a war like this is going on. And we know how often tyrannies try to use sports for their ideological interests. It is obvious that any neutral flag of Russian athletes is stained with blood. I do not want to get into what exactly motivated Mr. Bach to promote such an initiative. But we will do everything so that the world will protect sports from political and any other influence of the terrorist state, which is simply inevitable if Russian athletes participate in competitions. And especially – at the Paris Olympics... "
  • Ukraine's eastern front line continues to experience heavy shelling, with one town in the Donetsk region seeing nearly 300 Russian rockets and artillery shells over 24 hours, according to the Ukrainian military.
  • Germany's defense minister said sending fighter jets to Ukraine is "out of the question." It follows renewed appeals by Ukraine’s government for Western jets after Germany approved the delivery of Leopard 2 battle tanks earlier this week.
  • A senior European Union official accused Russia of taking its war against Ukraine to a “different stage,” prompting the plans to supply Kyiv with tanks.
ALJAZEERA:"...“The US is the arch criminal which poses serious threat and challenge to the strategic security of Russia and pushes the regional situation to the present grave phase,” said Kim, who is vice-department director of the Central Committee of the Workers Party of Korea...Kim said US President Joe Biden’s administration was “further crossing the red line” by sending its main tanks to Ukraine and that the decision reflects a “sinister intention to realize its hegemonic aim by further expanding the proxy war for destroying Russia”. North Korea has blamed the US for the crisis in Ukraine, insisting that the West’s “hegemonic policy” forced Russia to take military action to protect its security interests."
COMMENT:Putin=Stalin+Hitler=Shitler. Kim must be sister stupid from planet propaganda. It is Shitler's imperialist terrorist designs that we are fighting. North Korea is that other terrorist state that threatens world peace with its nuclear missles, daily firing missles at South Korea Japan and the US. Nuclear blackmail from a terrorist gangster state.
CNN:"The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has voted unanimously to demand the creation of a special international tribunal to prosecute Russian and Belarusian political and military leaders “for the crime of aggression in Ukraine,” according to a statement published Thursday.
CNN: "The decision by the German government to approve deliveries of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine is "extremely dangerous" and takes the conflict "to a new level of confrontation," Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechaev said in a statement Wednesday."COMMENT: It was the kremlin that started this conflict with putin's imperialist dream. 143 countries are standing against it
CNN:"No date for US-Russia talks on key nuclear arms treaty, Moscow says... "COMMENT: IT IS NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL threatening the world to achieve Shitler's imperialist dreams. The Kremlin is liable for their criminal acts and Russians should rise up and imprison these terrorist gangsters. The Doomsday Clock stands at 90 seconds to midnight "
CNN:"US Sens. Lindsey Graham, Richard Blumenthal and Sheldon Whitehouse met with President Volodymyr Zelensky and other government officials in Ukraine Friday, according to Graham’s office. “All three of us, one Republican and two Democrats, share the same goal – for Ukraine to drive the Russians out of Ukraine. To achieve that goal, the Ukrainian military needs tanks. I am tired of the s*** show surrounding who is going to send tanks and when are they going to send them. Putin is trying to rewrite the map of Europe by force of arms. World order is at stake,” Graham said at a media availability according to a statement...
BLOOMBERG:" ByCourtney McBride January 20, 2023 at 1:02 PM PSTUpdated onJanuary 20, 2023 at 2:42 PM PSTSecretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said time is running out to give Ukraine the advanced weapons it needs before an expected Russian offensive in the spring, as both the US and Germany hold out against Kyiv’s requests for their most powerful battle tanks."
"MOSCOW, Jan 19 (Reuters) - Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, an ally of Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin, warned NATO on Thursday that the defeat of Russia in Ukraine could trigger a nuclear war... Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Medvedev has repeatedly raised the threat of a nuclear apocalypse, but his admission now of the possibility of Russia's defeat indicates the level of Moscow's concern over increased Western weapons deliveries to Ukraine. ..."
CNN:"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky used his address to the World Economic Forum to call for speedier decision-making to combat Russian aggression against his country. "The tyranny is outpacing the democracy. Russia needed less than one second to start the war. ... The time the free world uses to think is used by the terrorist state to kill..."
CNN:"US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Tuesday the support Washington has provided to Kyiv has evolved throughout the course of the war as the United States is determined to give Ukraine "what it needs to succeed on the battlefield." “As this aggression has evolved, so too has our assistance to Ukraine, making sure that it has what it needs to meet the aggression head on,” Blinken said at a news conference in Washington, DC, alongside British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly...”"
CNN:"European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told Ukraine's first lady Olena Zelenska that the alliance's support for her nation is "unwavering," as world leaders and policymakers gathered at the World Economic Forum Tuesday. “In this last year your country has moved the world and has inspired Europe and I can assure you that Europe will always stand with you,” von der Leyen said, following an address by the Ukrainian first lady. The European Commission president said Europe had implemented “the strongest sanctions ever which leave the Russian economy facing a decade of regression and its industry starved of any modern and critical technologies.” She reiterated that there would be “no impunity” for Russia’s actions and that there would be “no let-up in our steadfast support to Ukraine.”.."
CNN:"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday called the Russian attack on an apartment building in Dnipro a “war crime” and vowed to bring its perpetrators to justice. “There is no doubt: everyone who is guilty of this war crime will be identified and brought to justice,” Zelensky said in his evening address. At least 40 people have died and 25 remain missing following the attack. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) named six members of the Russian military whom it claimed were involved in the strike, according to what the agency described as "preliminary investigation" findings. “This strike on Dnipro, as well as other similar strikes, falls under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court,” Zelensky said. “And we will use all available opportunities — both national and international — to ensure that all Russian murderers, that everyone who gives and executes orders on missile terror against our people, receive legal sentences. And that they serve their sentences.”.."
CNN:"Oleksiy Danilov, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, has spoken bullishly about the delivery of tanks from Poland. “I am more than sure the tanks that will be provided to us, it will be very, very fast," said Danilov on Ukrainian television. The Ukrainian Armed Forces will “master” the use of the tanks “in a matter of weeks," added Danilov. Polish President Andrzej Duda announced the plan to send Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Lviv on Wednesday. It would be the first time a Western-made tank has been sent to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion..."
CNN:"The Kremlin has said the US and NATO are indirectly taking part in the "conflict" in Ukraine, as Russia's grinding invasion approaches 11 months. "Although both Brussels and Washington emphasize that they are not going to become a party to the conflict, de facto, they have already become an indirect side of this conflict, pumping Ukraine with weapons, technologies, and intelligence information," Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters Tuesday." COMMENT: OF COURSE WE HAVE TO STOP THE KREMLIN'S IMPERIALIST DESIGNS AND 143 COUNTRIES AGREE
CNN:"US President Joe Biden announced Thursday that the United States “intends” to supply Ukraine with another round of security assistance that will include Bradley Fighting Vehicles..."
BBC:"Fighting in Ukraine is currently at a deadlock as neither Ukraine nor Russia can make significant advances, the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence agency has said, while Kyiv waits for more advanced weapons from Western allies. "The situation is just stuck," Kyrylo Budanov told the BBC in an interview. "It doesn't move.".. "We can't defeat them in all directions comprehensively. Neither can they," he said. "We're very much looking forward to new weapons supplies, and to the arrival of more advanced weapons."
CNN:"Defense Minister says Ukraine is preparing for possible Russian invasion from Belarus Erin Burnett Out Front CNN's Will Ripley reports from Ukraine's border with Belarus where there is growing concern about Russia once again assembling troops and holding joint-combat drills.
CNN:"The Biden administration is finalizing plans to send the Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine that could be announced as soon as this week, according to two US officials and a senior administration official. The Pentagon’s plan still needs to be approved by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin before it is sent to US President Joe Biden for his signature. The three officials told CNN that approval is expected.
CNN:"“I am defending the country, I am defending homes, women, children, people who cannot defend themselves,” he says. “My conscience is absolutely clear.” Caesar, standing amid the remains of the Orthodox monastery, is equally defiant, saying not even the prospect of defeat will make him waver. “I will stay here while my heart will beats. I will fight to defend Ukraine,” he says. “And when we have defended Ukraine I will liberate my country.”"
"KYIV, Nov 26 (Reuters) - Ukraine accused the Kremlin on Saturday of reviving the "genocidal" tactics of Josef Stalin as Kyiv commemorated a Soviet-era famine that killed millions of Ukrainians in the winter of 1932-33. The remembrance day for the "Holodomor" comes as Ukraine is battling to repel invading Russian forces and deal with sweeping blackouts caused by air strikes that Kyiv says are aimed at breaking the public's fighting resolve."
CNN:"Russia's invasion of Ukraine has plunged Europe into an era of insecurity, Germany's President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Friday, a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin said the world faces the ”the most dangerous decade” since the end of World War II. Russias' war in Ukraine has ”also plunged us in Germany into another time, into an insecurity we thought we had overcome: a time marked by war, violence and flight, by concerns about the expansion of war into a wildfire in Europe,” Steinmeier said in a rare, nationally televised speech.
CNN:" The European Union should use over €300bn ($292bn) of frozen Russian foreign assets to help Ukraine, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said on Friday... In a tweet, Kallas said it was “time [the EU] move ahead with making the aggressor pay.” "
NYTIMES:" As Russian forces laid siege to the Ukrainian city of Mariupol this spring, children fled bombed-out group homes and boarding schools. Separated from their families, they followed neighbors or strangers heading west, seeking the relative safety of central Ukraine. Instead, at checkpoints around the city, pro-Russia forces intercepted them, according to interviews with the children, witnesses and family members...."
CNN:"Former Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev told CNN Tuesday that “terror is the only thing left” for Russian President Vladimir Putin, “like for any miserable terrorist in the world.” CNN:"European Parliament President Roberta Metsola told CNN on Monday that the EU needs to do more to help Ukraine in light of Russia’s escalation by providing more military equipment. “I think all countries could and should do more,” Metsola told. “What we’ve seen today shows that Russia will continue to escalate further… How are we going to respond? If our response is not proportionate to the escalation, then we’re just going to keep seeing him killing more people.” .."
CNN:"Nina Khrushcheva, great-granddaughter of former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, discusses Russian President Vladimir Putin's propaganda speech and "'crazy rhetoric against the West.' Khrushcheva said if Putin needs to use nuclear weapons he will use them. But she said if the Chechen said it its generally not going to be true. The important thing to know is that the meeting was not a supportive meeting and the rally in Red Square was mostly police. The disconnect is interesting. After 22 years under Putin there is absolute hopelessness for the future of the country. Things are turning into a dystopian novel divorced from reality.
anti-war-protests-across-russia ALJAZEERA:"A police monitoring group says more than 1,300 people have been arrested at demonstrations across Russia against President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of a partial mobilisation of civilians to fight in Ukraine."
CNN:"European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told lawmakers at the European Parliament in Strasbourg that "Europe's solidarity with Ukraine will remain unshakeable,".. "
russia-plundering-sudan-gold CNN:"Russia is plundering gold in Sudan to boost Putin's war effort in Ukraine-...Multiple interviews with high-level Sudanese and US officials and troves of documents reviewed by CNN paint a picture of an elaborate Russian scheme to plunder Sudan's riches in a bid to fortify Russia against increasingly robust Western sanctions and to buttress Moscow's war effort in Ukraine...."

RUSSIAN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN UKRAINE CNN:"A new report from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe documents the discovery of torture chambers at a summer camp in Bucha, Ukraine. This report — OSCE's second one — covered the period between April 1 to June 25... "
BBC:"The West must prepare to continue supporting Ukraine in a war lasting for years, Nato's chief has warned. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the costs of war were high, but the price of letting Moscow achieve its military goals was even greater...."
CNN:"Russia's actions in Ukraine provide enough evidence to conclude that Moscow is inciting genocide and committing atrocities intended to destroy the Ukrainian people, according to the first independent report into allegations of genocide in that country. "
"BERLIN, May 12 (Reuters) - Russia, not Ukraine, needs de-Nazification, the leader of anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot, who left Russia this week by disguising herself as a food courier, said before her group kicks off a concert tour against the war.
BBC:"Kira Glodan, a three-month-old baby, is one of the latest victims in the war in Ukraine. She was killed along with her mother and grandmother in a Russian missile strike in Odesa..”
BBC:"Russian forces executed civilians in various locations in the Kyiv region, according to new testimony published by Amnesty International...."
"REUTERS:A woman carries her cat as she walks past buildings that were destroyed by Russian shelling amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine in Borodyanka in the Kyiv region Ukraine, April 5, 2022. REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra..."
CNN:"...Raising the debt ceiling has been fraught in recent years when there’s a Democrat in the White House and Republicans control either chamber of Congress. Adding a strong whiff of hypocrisy to the standoff, the GOP has typically had no problem doing so under big-spending Republican presidents and suddenly develops a compulsion to ensure fiscal discipline when there’s a Democrat in the Oval Office."
WSJ:"U.S. stocks rose Friday, with major indexes notching strong weekly gains, boosted by hopes that inflation is moderating. The S&P 500 was up about 0.3% in 4 p.m. trading. The Nasdaq Composite rose around 1%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average edged up about 0.1% . All three major U.S. indexes posted strong gains for the week. The S&P 500 added around 2.5%, while the Nasdaq Composite jumped about 4.3%. The Dow gained roughly 1.8%. The rally builds on a winning streak for stocks that has lasted for much of January, pulling major indexes higher from where they ended 2022 and bringing calm to a market that swung wildly for much of the past year.The result has been a giant U-turn in assets from stocks to bonds to cryptocurrencies, with investors again rushing into the most speculative corners of the market. Parts of the market that Wall Street had bet heavily against have soared to start the year. Tesla, which just had its worst year on record, has jumped about 40% in January. The 10-year Treasury yield has fallen while bond prices have rallied. The mood among many investors appears to have shifted, boosted in part by signs that inflation is turning the corner and the economy isn’t deteriorating as fast as many had feared. “I’m actually quite optimistic about where things stand,” said Dev Kantesaria, founder of Valley Forge Capital. “Inflation is improving across the board.”Mr. Kantesaria said he considers the path of interest rates to be paramount in terms of stock returns, despite the bevy of earnings results that have trickled out in recent weeks. He is expecting the Federal Reserve to eventually have to cut interest rates, which he thinks will help the stock market. The Fed is expected to raise interest rates at a milder pace when its policy makers meet next week. Expectations for less-aggressive rate rises have helped push stocks higher, with the S&P 500 up more than 5% this year through Thursday’s close. .. "
DAILYMAIL.CO.UK:"Speaker Kevin McCarthy BLOCKS Democrats Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from House Intelligence Committee: 'Integrity matters, and they have failed in that place'"COMMENT:This from the man who went down to mar-a-lago after January 6 to kiss the *ss of the serial liar and unindicted co-conspirator putin's poodle donald j trump. Lap dog 1 has neither backbone nor integrity. Then there is the Krazy Klown Kaucus who are nothing more than qanon parrots working for putin's poodle. 2 years of the McCarthy, Jordan, Greene, Gaetz sh*t show. We're going to need hazmat suits.
CNN:"The battle for control of the House of Representatives increasingly resembles a sporting event in which the teams are changing the dimensions of the playing field even after the game is underway...."
"Jan 20 (Reuters) - Google's parent Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) is cutting about 12,000 jobs, or 6% of its workforce, it said in a staff memo Friday, as the technology sector reels from layoffs and companies stake their futures on artificial intelligence (AI). Alphabet's shares were up nearly 4% in morning trade. The cuts come at a delicate moment for the U.S. company, which has long been the leader in key areas of AI research. Alphabet now faces a challenge from Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) in a branch of tech that can, for instance, create virtually any content a user thinks up and types in a text box. Industry observers said so-called generative AI may test Google's dominance in internet search after a Microsoft-backed startup, OpenAI, released a chatbot known as ChatGPT that can answer queries with human-like responses..."
WSJ:"Several U.S. companies are slashing staff at the beginning of 2023, continuing the downsizing that took place last year as businesses recalibrate after growing rapidly at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Waning demand and weaker revenue forced many major employers to scale back payrolls and institute hiring freezes in 2022. That hangover has spilled over into the New Year. The job cuts have been concentrated in the tech industry and have included Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc., Twitter Inc., Google parent Alphabet Inc., Microsoft Corp. and International Business Machines Corp. The slowdown in the tech industry has also started to reverberate on Wall Street where revenue for tech-related deals has fallen off. The broader labor market has continued to add jobs, but growth has slowed. Employers added 223,000 jobs in December and the unemployment rate fell to 3.5%. Here’s a look at some of the companies that have announced layoffs..."
CNN:"...In the past few days, Navalny’s lawyer has said he has a “temperature, fever and a cough.” He hasn’t seen a doctor yet and his team is struggling to get medicine to him in his isolation cell. His wife Yulia, who says she received a letter from Navalny on Wednesday, has also raised concerns about his health. She says he has been sick for over a week, and that he is not getting treatment and is forced off his sick bed during the day. At least 531 Russian doctors as of Wednesday had signed an open letter addressed to Putin to demand that Navalny should be provided with necessary medical assistance, according to the Facebook post where the letter was published. His family haven’t seen him since May last year and his daughter fears what may come next. “This is one of the most dangerous and famous high security prisons in Russia known for torturing and murdering the inmates,” she said..."
WSJ:"Chesapeake Energy Corp. was one of the biggest stars of the fracking boom, riding high for years on its ability to tap vast troves of American natural gas. By the summer of 2020, the pandemic and lockdowns had caused revenue to dry up, and the company, after a big, ill-timed expansion, filed for bankruptcy protection. Yet last year, Chesapeake racked up $1.3 billion of profit in the first nine months. It sent its shareholders $800 million in dividends over that same period. Its stock has more than doubled since the company re-listed its shares in early 2021. Thanks to a mix of events, from the Russian invasion of Ukraine to the U.S. economic recovery, fossil fuels are showing surprising resilience, despite President Biden’s push to transition to clean energy and the industry’s own history of boom-bust investing and heavy reliance on debt..."
CNN:"The United States was lashed by 18 catastrophic extreme weather and climate disasters costing at least $1 billion each last year, a new report shows. They came in the form of tornadoes, extreme heat and cold, deadly flooding and hurricanes and a climate change-fueled drought in the West."...
CNN:"Big Oil companies have engaged in a “long-running greenwashing campaign” while raking in “record profits at the expense of American consumers,” the Democratic-led House Oversight Committee has found after a year-long investigation into climate disinformation from the fossil fuel industry. The committee found the fossil fuel industry is “posturing on climate issues while avoiding real commitments” to reducing greenhouse gas emissions...."
"BOSTON, Dec 27 (Reuters) - A movement by financial firms and activists to challenge companies over their efforts on climate change and social inequality faced organised and growing push-back in 2022, led by Republican U.S. politicians. Focusing on environmental, social or governance-related issues, ESG in industry parlance, could hit returns to investors, critics said. A rise in oil prices this year bolstered their case by hurting the performance of many ESG funds that had moved away from energy stocks, responsible for producing a large share of climate-damaging carbon emissions"
CNN: "The administration of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida is blocking a new Advanced Placement course for high school students on African American studies. In a January 12 letter to the College Board, the nonprofit organization that oversees AP coursework, the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Articulation said the course is “inexplicably contrary to Florida law and significantly lacks educational value.”..COMMENT: The truth of slavery and racial discrimination which continues to exist today "lacks educational value"?"And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" John 8:32 NKJV
" BERLIN, Dec 7 (Reuters) - Germany on Wednesday detained 25 members and supporters of a far-right group that the prosecutor's office said was preparing a violent overthrow of the state to install as national leader a prince who had sought backing from Russia.
NYTIMES:"Last year the war in Afghanistan came to a chaotic and dispiriting end for the United States, and the conflict all but faded from the American consciousness. But as the Opinion video above explores, a new struggle was only just beginning for some American veterans and civilians."
"KABUL, Dec 22 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's Taliban-run administration said on Thursday it had closed universities to women partly due to female students not adhering to i0ts interpretation of the Islamic dress code, in a decision that was condemned globally..."
CNN:"New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave the city’s first responders, including its police force, a controversial new task this week – to enforce a state law that allows them to involuntarily commit people experiencing a mental health crisis. ..Advocates for the homeless oppose this. “The city really needs to approach this more from a health and housing lens, rather than focusing on involuntary removals and policing,” Jacquelyn Simone from the Coalition for the Homeless told CNN’s Brynn Gingras for her report that aired this week on “AC360°.” .. ”.
NYTIMES:"... The contrast illustrates a divide that is rippling through America’s topsy-turvy economy nearly three years into the pandemic. Many well-off consumers are still flush with savings and faring well financially, bolstering luxury brands and keeping some high-end retailers and travel companies optimistic about the holiday season. At the same time, America’s poor are running low on cash buffers, struggling to keep up with rising prices and facing climbing borrowing costs if they use credit cards or loans to make ends meet."
CNN:"A Chinese fighter jet intercepted a US reconnaissance aircraft over the South China Sea last week and performed an “unsafe maneuver,” forcing the US aircraft to take evasive action, according to Indo-Pacific Command, the command responsible for overseeing US military operations in the region..."
CNN:" As China continues to grow what is already the world’s largest navy, a professor at the US Naval War College has a warning for American military planners: In naval warfare, the bigger fleet almost always wins. Pentagon leaders have identified China as the US military’s “pacing threat.” But fleet size numbers show that the US military can’t keep pace with China’s naval growth. The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) surpassed the US Navy in fleet size sometime around 2020 and now has around 340 warships, according to the Pentagon’s 2022 China Military Power Report, released in November. China’s fleet is expected to grow to 400 ships in the next two years, the report says..."
CNN:"The US Coast Guard says it is tracking a suspected Russian spy ship off the coast of Hawaii in international waters as heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow remain over Russian’s war in Ukraine. “In recent weeks, the U.S. Coast Guard has continued to monitor a Russian vessel, believed to be an intelligence gathering ship, off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands,” the USCG said in a news release.The Coast Guard noted the situation is not unusual but that it is tracking it closely. “While foreign military vessels may transit freely through the U.S. economic exclusive zone (EEZ), as per customary international laws, foreign-flagged military vessels have often been observed operating and loitering within Coast Guard District Fourteen’s area of response,” the release stated..."
MSN/CNN BUSINESS:Donie O'Sullivan speaks to former FBI special agent Greg Ehrie about the online threats of civil war since the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.Talk of a civil war has been simmering since January 6 and everytime Trump speaks there is an uptick in this violent rhetoric.
CNN — Jeremy Bertino, a top lieutenant to Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy in federal court on Thursday, and is cooperating with the Justice Department’s investigation into the far-right extremist group. Bertino, 43, also pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. He is the first member of the Proud Boys to plead guilty to seditious conspiracy – a major boost to the historic prosecution of the organization.""
NYTIMES:" WASHINGTON — A former member of the Oath Keepers militia testified on Tuesday that the far-right group intended to block the certification of the 2020 election “by any means necessary,” stashing weapons in a hotel in Virginia on Jan. 6, 2021, in anticipation of supporting President Donald J. Trump in his bid to keep Joseph R. Biden Jr. out of the White House...The Oath Keepers, Mr. Dolan added, were firmly committed to Mr. Trump and wanted to stop the certification of Mr. Biden’s victory in any way they could.“That’s why we brought our firearms,” he said.."
CNN:" The day before the 2020 election, Roger Stone, the long-time Republican operative and ally of former President Donald Trump, said in front of a documentary film crew that he had no interest in waiting to tally actual votes before contesting the election results.... “F**k the voting, let’s get right to the violence,” Stone can be heard saying..."
"(CNN)The Hawaii most tourists see is one of azure waters and towering resorts, of "aloha" and "ohana" and hula. But as it exists now, the powerful tourism industry dictates the lives of Native Hawaiians, often for the worse, said Kyle Kajihiro, a lecturer at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa and activist for the rights of Native Hawaiians...."
"SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un presented new plans to further bolster his military power next year at a meeting of top political officials, state media reported Wednesday, in an indication he’ll continue his provocative run of weapons displays. .."
SURGE-IN-EXTREME-POVERTY "LONDON, July 7 (Reuters) - The global cost-of-living crisis is pushing an additional 71 million people in the world's poorest countries into extreme poverty, a new report published by the U.N. Development Programme (UNDP) on Thursday has warned. Achim Steiner, UNDP administrator, said an analysis of 159 developing countries showed that the surge in key commodity prices this year was already slamming parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Balkans, Asia and elsewhere."
CNN:" A federal judge said Thursday that former President Donald Trump and his attorneys are liable for nearly $1 million in sanctions for a lawsuit Trump brought against Hillary Clinton, ex-top Justice Department officials and several others alleging they conspired against him in the 2016 campaign. “This case should never have been brought. Its inadequacy as a legal claim was evident from the start,” US District Judge Donald Middlebrooks of the Southern District of Florida wrote. “No reasonable lawyer would have filed it. Intended for a political purpose, none of the counts of the amended complaint stated a cognizable legal claim.”..The judge pointed to Trump’s “pattern of misusing the courts to serve political purposes” as he ticked through several other failed lawsuits Trump has brought in recent years. “Frivolous lawsuits should not be used as a vehicle for fundraising or fodder for rallies or social media,” Middlebrooks wrote. “Mr. Trump is using the courts as a stage set for political theater and grievance. This behavior interferes with the ability of the judiciary to perform its constitutional duty.”.. "
George-F-Will CNN:"Anderson asks George Will if is he worried about democracy: Hear his reply. Contrary to the myth today Americans are quite willing to confront their mistakes. On balance our progress is stunning. The discord today is unsightly awful and childish but we've seen worse. I don't think our democracy is in danger of death but I do think it is in danger of being attenuated and weakened. Democracy depends upon above all else on a culture of persuasion of conversation .."
ONCE AGAIN MAD DOG MEDVEDEV THREATENS NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST:"MOSCOW, July 17 (Reuters) - The refusal of Ukraine and Western powers to recognise Moscow's control of Crimea poses a "systemic threat" for Russia and any outside attack on the region will prompt a "Judgment Day" response, former president Dmitry Medvedev said on Sunday..".
putos-wars CNN:"Look back at Russia's armed conflicts since Putin took office Anderson Cooper 360 CNN's Matthew Chance takes a look at the career of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the parallels of a number of wars Russia has been involved in the past and the war in Ukraine today.Source: CNN”
NPR: Russian mercenaries are also active in Libya, Sudan, Mali and the CAR.
The Seal of the CISA CISA:" This joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA)—authored by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and National Security Agency (NSA)—is part of our continuing cybersecurity mission to warn organizations of cyber threats and help the cybersecurity community reduce the risk presented by these threats. This CSA provides an overview of Russian state-sponsored cyber operatio ns; commonly observed tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs); detection actions; incident response guidance; and mitigations. This overview is intended to help the cybersecurity community reduce the risk presented by these threats. CISA, the FBI, and NSA encourage the cybersecurity community —especially critical infrastructure network defenders—to adopt a heightened state of awareness and to conduct proactive threat hunting, as outlined in the Detection section. Additionally, CISA, the FBI, and NSA strongly urge network defenders to implement the recommendations listed below and detailed in the Mitigations section...."
HEY-HEY-RISE-UP BBC:"Legendary British rock band Pink Floyd has released a song in support of Ukraine. The track is called "Hey Hey Rise Up". It features the vocals of Andriy Khlyvnyuk, from Ukrainian band Boombox. Pink Floyd band member David Gilmour said he was inspired by a video on Instagram by Khlyvnyuk, who is currently serving in Kyiv's defence, in which he sings in an empty Sofia Square in the Ukrainian capital. Gilmour wrote the music for the song, and then spoke by phone to Khlyvnyuk in hospital, where he is recovering from injuries. "I played a little on the phone and he gave me his blessing We both hope to do something together in person in the future,"said the British musician. This is Pink Floyd's first song since 1994, and all proceeds from the sale will go to humanitarian aid for Ukraine.. .”
refugee-children "DHAKA, Aug 25 (Reuters) - Myanmar Rohingya Muslims protested across refugee camps in neighbouring Bangladesh on Thursday, the fifth anniversary of clashes between Rohingya insurgents and Myanmar security forces that drove hundreds of thousands of Rohingya from their homes. More than a million Rohingya are living in squalid camps in southern Bangladesh comprising the world's largest refugee settlement, with little prospect of returning to Myanmar, where they are mostly denied citizenship and other rights. ..."
CNN:"Measuring the expansion rate of the universe was one of the Hubble Space Telescope's main goals when it was launched in 1990. Over the past 30 years, the space observatory has helped scientists discover and refine that accelerating rate -- as well as uncover a mysterious wrinkle that only brand-new physics may solve. .. "
CNN:"The James Webb Space Telescope has captured a unique perspective of the universe, including never-before-seen galaxies that glitter like diamonds in the cosmos. The new image, shared on Wednesday as part of a study published in the Astronomical Journal, was taken as part of the Prime Extragalactic Areas for Reionization and Lensing Science observing program, called PEARLS. It’s one of the first medium-deep-wide-field images of the universe..."
lavrov "LONDON, March 18 (Reuters) - Russia has lost any illusions about ever relying on the West and Moscow will never accept a world order dominated by the United States, which is acting like a sheriff seeking to call all the shots in a saloon bar, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said..." The Kremlin is acting like a school yard bully that needs to get his ass kicked until he learns how to play nice. Why have so many former soviet states asked to join NATO? Because they have no illusions about putler's desire to re-establish the USSR.
Bridging the Global Wealth Gap Bloomberg New Economy Forum: Bridging the Global Wealth Gap: "IBM Executive Chair Ginni Rometty, McDonald's Corp. CEO Chris Kempxzinski, Singapore Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratmnam and Blackstone Group Inc. Chairman and CEO Stephen Schwarzman discuss the task of rebuilding the economy and the best path to prosperity for low-income workers. The destruction of covid-19 comes on top of a slow burn that affects the middle class a long period stagnation of incomes diminishing jobs in the middle and polarization of the job market. Then you have the problem lower down, where there are low skill service jobs, and loss of the sense of being able to move up to a middle class life... "
Grand Ayatollah Ali-Al-Sistani and Pope Francis ABCNews:"PLAINS OF UR, Iraq -- Pope Francis walked through a narrow alley in Iraq’s holy city of Najaf for a historic meeting with the country’s top Shiite cleric Saturday, and together they delivered a powerful message of peaceful coexistence in a country still reeling from back-to-back conflicts over the past decade. In a gesture both simple and profound, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani welcomed Francis into his spartan home. The 90-year-old cleric, one of the most eminent among Shiites worldwide, afterward said Christians should live in peace in Iraq and enjoy the same rights as other Iraqis. The Vatican said Francis thanked al-Sistani for having “raised his voice in defense of the weakest and most persecuted” during some of the most violent times in Iraq’s recent history... "
afghan-militia NBCNEWS:"The Taliban’s swift conquest is attributable to many factors. But one that crosses multiple administrations yet is getting very little attention right now is corruption. Specifically, the kind of corruption the U.S. aided and abetted over many years, glad-handing crooked officials and stalling anti-corruption investigations, as ordinary Afghans struggled and watched officials grow wealthier and wealthier. While corruption can hardly be described as the sole reason for the Afghan government’s disintegration, it is a consistent through-line of multiple American administrations — and an element that the U.S. has consistently overlooked.It’s not like the U.S. was unaware of the kind of corruption that exploded during the American occupation, or of the role that Washington played in fueling the kleptocratic graft. ..."
Microsoft-cloud-changes "BRUSSELS, Aug 31 (Reuters) - Amazon (AMZN.O) and Alphabet (GOOGL.O) unit Google criticised Microsoft's (MSFT.O) cloud computing changes on Tuesday, saying they limit competition and discourage customers from switching to rival cloud service providers. The U.S. software giant on Monday announced amended licensing deals and other changes that will take effect on Oct. 1 and which they say will make it easier for cloud service providers to compete.Amazon, Google, Alibaba (9988.HK) and Microsoft's own cloud services will be excluded from the deals. Microsoft's move came after smaller European Union competitors took their grievances about its cloud service practices to EU antitrust regulators, which subsequently quizzed market players on the issue and what impact they have experienced. .."
national-memorial-to-lives-lost-to-covidAP:"As President Donald Trump entered the final year of his term last January, the U.S. recorded its first confirmed case of COVID-19. Not to worry, Trump insisted, his administration had the virus “totally under control.” Now, in his final hours in office, after a year of presidential denials of reality and responsibility, the pandemic’s U.S. death toll has eclipsed 400,000. And the loss of lives is accelerating.

myanmar-general ALJAZERRA:"The leader of Myanmar’s ruling generals will travel to Russia next week for economic talks as both governments face diplomatic isolation over militaristic moves. Senior General Min Aung Hlaing will attend the Eastern Economic Forum in the far-eastern city of Vladivostok, the Global New Light of Myanmar newspaper reported on Saturday. .."Moreover, the source of much of the misinformation about vaccines comes from an unobvious source: the Russian government’s propaganda apparatus, which cultivates and exploits foreign anti-vaccine “useful idiots,” causing palpable harm to Americans and citizens of other Western countries." In addition, the..."anti-mask movement in many ways, shares similarities with that of the anti-vaccine movement..."
kenosha-county-jail NBCNEWS:"Years of housing segregation and redlining have contributed to Wisconsin imprisoning its Black residents at a rate higher than any other state in the country, criminal justice experts say. One in every 36 Black people are currently in prison in the state, according to a report from The Sentencing Project, a group that advocates for reduced incarceration. Black people represent 42 percent of the state’s total prison population despite accounting for only 6 percent of the total population. The report, which uses data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, also found that Black Wisconsinites are also nearly 12 times as likely as their white counterparts to be imprisoned, well above the national average and behind only New Jersey in the rate of racial disparity between Black people and white people..."
CNN:"...For two decades in the 1980s and 1990s, as a video journalist for CNN in Central America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, I saw people on the run from conflict and unrest, carrying children and whatever belongings they could, sometimes on foot, sometimes packed into the back of overflowing trucks. I saw them fleeing across borders, into the woods, up mountains – in panic and looking for sanctuary. It is not only a daunting assignment to be the world’s witness. It is a privilege. It is an honor. It is a prayer – sending images out as a “first-alert” system to the rest of the world...To this day, it’s hard for me to utter the word “refugee” without a crack in my voice.As breaking news journalists, my colleagues and I scrambled from one story to the next. There seemed to be no end to the world’s tumult. There were civil wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua. The Soviet Union dissolved. Yugoslavia broke apart. There was famine and anarchy in Somalia, war in Sudan and Northern Iraq. Abstract political ideas translated into images and stories of countless individuals uprooted from their homes. I rarely had time to follow each person I encountered to a conclusion. My camera always caught them in the middle of chaos, at a precipice in their lives. Did the woman in Grozny, Chechnya ever find her missing son? Did the baby hit by shrapnel survive his wounds? Did the family in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina make it through the war? Each personal chronicle of tragedy I captured was like one frame in a long movie, and each frame had to stand in for thousands, streaming past. It never felt like I was doing enough... "
pro-trump-nuts MSN/SALON:"... At least 57 state and local officials from 27 different states traveled to the "Stop the Steal" rally on the morning of Jan. 6, HuffPost reported in February. The list included at least 20 Republican state legislators, a state attorney general, six county commissioners, seven city council members, two mayors, three school board members and two state Republican chairs. Four of the GOP officials have been charged with participating in the riot. Two organizers of the Jan. 6 rally also vowed to provide information about White House officials and House Republicans who participated in rally planning meetings. One organizer told Rolling Stone last month that "Marjorie Taylor Greene specifically," along with "close to a dozen other members," were involved in the planning. Other lawmakers named by the organizers included Reps. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., Mo Brooks, R-Ala., Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., and Louie Gohmert, R-Texas. Gosar, one of the organizers said, even floated "blanket pardons" in a separate investigation to urge them to organize the rallies. The organizers also said that White House chief of staff Mark Meadows played a "major role" in the discussions..."
repeat-hatch-act-offenders WASHINGTONPOST:"At least 13 senior Trump administration officials illegally mixed governing with campaigning before the 2020 election, intentionally ignoring a law that prohibits merging the two and getting approval to break it, a federal investigation released Tuesday found. A report from the office of Special Counsel Henry Kerner describes a “willful disregard for the law” known as the Hatch Act that was “especially pernicious,” given that many officials abused their government roles days before the November election. President Donald Trump — whose job it was to discipline his political appointees — allowed them to illegally promote his reelection on the job despite warnings to some from ethics officials, the report says. “This failure to impose discipline created the conditions for what appeared to be a taxpayer-funded campaign apparatus within the upper echelons of the executive branch,” .."
Sen-Amy-Klobuchar "WASHINGTON, Nov 22 (Reuters) - The leaders of a Senate committee on Monday urged the Federal Election Assistance Commission to help election officials around the country tap federal money to strengthen security during a wave of threats and harassment following the 2020 U.S. election. "This onslaught of threats against election workers is unacceptable and raises serious concerns about the ability to recruit and retain election workers needed to administer future elections," ..."
Col(Ret)-Ed-Shames-101st-Airborne "(CNN)Col. Edward Shames, the last surviving officer of the historic World War II parachute infantry regiment of the US Army known as Easy Company, died Friday at the age of 99. Shames "passed away peacefully at home," said the obituary posted by the Hollomon-Brown Funeral Home & Crematory. During World War II, Shames "was a member of the renowned Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division now known globally as the 'Band of Brothers,'" according to the obituary. The story of Easy Company was later immortalized in the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers," based on The New York Times bestseller by Stephen E. Ambrose. (CNN and HBO are part of WarnerMedia.) Shames "was involved in some of the most important battles of the war. He made his first combat jump into Normandy on D-Day as part of Operation Overlord," according to the obituary. Shames "gained a reputation as a stubborn and very outspoken soldier who demanded the highest of standards from himself and his fellow soldiers," it said."In Germany, he was the first member of the 101st to enter Dachau concentration camp, just days after its liberation," said the obituary......"
" Dec 13 (Reuters) - For the energy industry, 2022 will be remembered as the year Russia's invasion of Ukraine accelerated a global energy crisis. The invasion, and subsequent Western sanctions, heaped new pressures on oil and gas supplies already strained from the rapid economic rebound from the pandemic. The world's top energy companies beat a hasty retreat from Russia and wrote off tens of billions of dollars in assets. European nations scrambled to make sure they could keep the lights on and their residents from freezing to death. Natural gas prices hit multi-year highs and oil nearly $140 a barrel, not far from an all-time record, turbocharging a post-pandemic inflationary spiral that caused a cost-of-living crisis in many countries. The invasion and subsequent Western sanctions led to a breakdown in supply relationships that had existed for decades. Major world economies scrambled to find energy sources - using anything and everything they could find to keep the lights on. Governments pushed to accelerate the deployment of solar and wind - but also to buy coal. Climate change targets went on the back burner."
CNN:" Japan on Friday unveiled a new national security plan that signals the country’s biggest military buildup since World War II, doubling defense spending and veering from its pacifist constitution in the face of growing threats from regional rivals. In an early evening televised address in Tokyo, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the government had approved three security documents – the National Security Strategy (NSS), the National Defense Strategy, and the Defense Force Development Plan – to bolster Japan’s defense capabilities amid an increasingly unstable security environment. The new measures include provisions that would enable Japan to possess “counterstrike capabilities,” the ability to directly attack another country’s territory in the event of an emergency and under specific circumstances, Kishida said. The Prime Minister earlier in December instructed his defense and finance ministers to secure funds to increase Japan’s defense budget to 2% of current GDP in 2027, according to Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada. In taking the new defense initiatives, Japan is bending the interpretation of its post-World War II constitution, which put constraints on its Self-Defense Forces in that they can only be used for what their name implies, defending the Japanese homeland. But Tokyo is facing its most hostile security situation in decades. With its defense overhaul, Japan describes one of those rivals – China – as its “biggest strategic challenge,” public broadcaster NHK reported Friday. Long-time rival China has been been growing its naval and air forces in areas near Japan while claiming the Senkaku Islands, an uninhabited Japanese-controlled chain in the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, as its sovereign territory."
CNN:"Winter in drought-stricken California is off to a fast start with a series of storms bringing a generous amount of rain and snow across Western states. And it’s already starting to make a dent in California’s drought conditions, according to the latest US Drought Monitor released Thursday morning. The barrage of rain and snow brought a tiny glimpse of hope for drought-weary residents, who in the past three years have been facing back-to-back historically dry years that triggered unprecedented water shortages and landscape-altering wildfires."
CNN:"A year after his Tennessee home was burned down and a racial slur was spray-painted on his property, Alan Mays says he’s still pleading with authorities for answers to what he’s calling a hate crime. Authorities are actively investigating the cause of the fire that destroyed the family’s seven-bedroom home in Ripley last November, but Mays says he’s growing disillusioned as his family is now facing homelessness. “We were never given any kind of closure,” the Iraq War veteran told CNN. Mays, who is Black, claims that authorities are treating the fire as an accident despite a documented pattern of harassment against his multiracial family. From repeated break-ins to security camera footage of people shouting racial slurs around their house, Mays says his family has been targeted for years."
wishma " Tokyo (CNN)As a child, Wishma Rathnayake was fascinated with "Oshin," a popular 1980s' television drama about a young girl who rises from poverty to head a Japanese supermarket chain. Urged by her father to emulate her hero, Rathnayake started learning Japanese with a dream of one day moving to Japan from the small Sri Lankan town of Gampaha, northeast of Colombo. When her father died, the university graduate convinced her mother she could earn enough money working abroad as an English teacher to fund her retirement. The family remortgaged their home, and in 2017, Rathnayake moved to Narita, on the outskirts of Tokyo, on a student visa. Within three years, she was dead. .."
CNN: Two FSB defectors say there are many Russians in the FSB who want to escape from Russia. "Every second FSB officer wants to run away". "There are a lot of people who now work in the Putin system but want to find- a way to work together wit the West, with Ukraine, with Europe, with the United States, and to stop Putin." Because there have been FSB agents who pretended to seek asylum but in reality continued to work for Putin, many countries have made it more difficult for many Russians to get visas to enter their countries
CNN:"I care about dismantling Christian nationalism both because I’m a practicing Christian and because I’m a patriotic American – and no, those identities are not the same. As Christians, we can’t allow Greene, Boebert or Trump to distort our faith without a fight. We must speak loudly when our faith is used as a political tool, we must uproot it from our own churches and communities and we must form alliances with religious minorities and the nonreligious – who suffer the impact of Christian nationalism the most. Religion, and Christianity in particular, has flourished in America not because of government aid or favoritism, but for the opposite reason: religion’s freedom from government control. Government involvement in religious affairs doesn’t aid the free exercise of religion. And as Christians, we are called to love our neighbors rather than make them feel unwelcome in their own country. As historian Jemar Tisby has written, “[to] follow Christ is to reject the Christian Nationalist ideology. Marjorie Taylor Greene and her allies can follow Jesus’s teachings or the teachings of Christian Nationalism, but they cannot do both.”"
"WASHINGTON, Dec 18 (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats, on Sunday pressed Democratic President Joe Biden to take action to manage an expected wave of asylum seekers at America's southern border when COVID-era restrictions are set to end this week. U.S. border cities are bracing for an influx of asylum seekers after a U.S. judge in November moved to strike down a policy enacted by the Trump administration in 2020 that has allowed migration authorities to rapidly send asylum seekers back to Mexico and other countries. The policy, known as Title 42, is due to end on Dec. 21, and thousands of asylum seekers have been lining up at the U.S.-Mexico border ahead of the easing of restrictions. On Saturday, the west Texas border city of El Paso declared a state of emergency, citing hundreds of migrants sleeping on the streets in cold temperatures and the thousands being apprehended every day. "It's a very dire situation," U.S. Representative Tony Gonzales of Texas, a Republican, told CBS's "Face the Nation"."
"WASHINGTON, Dec 16 (Reuters) - The Pentagon's new push to investigate reports of UFOs has so far not yielded any evidence to suggest that aliens have visited Earth or crash-landed here, senior military leaders said on Friday. However, the Pentagon's effort to investigate anomalous, unidentified objects -- whether they are in space, the skies or even underwater -- led to hundreds of new reports that are now being investigated, they say." But so far they have seen nothing that indicates intelligent alien life. "I have not seen anything in those holdings to date that would suggest that there has been an alien visitation, an alien crash or anything like that," said Ronald Moultrie, under secretary of defense for intelligence and security. Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon's newly formed All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), did not rule out the possibility of extraterrestrial life and said he was taking a scientific approach to the research.
REUTERS:"A smoky haze hangs over India's northern plains and its capital, New Delhi, every year as winter sets in, raising fears for the health of many millions of people as authorities order fixes that do little to clear the air. In recent days, the Air Quality Index in the capital of 20 million people, where few use air purifiers or wear masks to protect themselves, has risen above 350 on a scale of 500, near "very poor" levels, according to the SAFAR monitoring agency. Anything above 60 is considered unhealthy."
Albert-Einstein " (CNN)The ripples created by massive cosmic collisions have reached Earth after traveling across the universe for billions of years. Scientists have detected the largest number of these gravitational waves since the cosmic events were first discovered in 2015, according to new research. Astronomers made 35 new detections of gravitational waves, or ripples in space-time, between November 2019 and March 2020. The cosmic waves were largely created by pairs of merging black holes, but several were born of rare collisions between dense neutron stars and black holes. It's a giant leap from when just three gravitational waves were detected between 2015 and 2016. This brings the known number of detected gravitational waves to 90 from 2015 to 2020. They were detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO, in the US, and the Virgo gravitational-wave observatory in Italy. The results of the latest observation campaign were published Monday. Star life and death Gravitational waves can help scientists better understand the violent life cycle of stars and why they turn into black holes or neutron stars when they die. These ripples in space-time were first predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916 as part of his theory of general relativity. This latest discovery is "a tsunami" and a "major leap forward in our quest to unlock the secrets of the Universe's evolution," said study coauthor Susan Scott, a distinguished professor at the Australian National University Centre for Gravitational Astrophysics, in a statement. .."
Gen-Charles-McGee " Jan 16 (Reuters) - Retired Brigadier General Charles McGee, part of the pioneering all-Black Tuskegee Airmen during World War Two and one of its most decorated pilots, died on Sunday at the age of 102, his family said in a statement. McGee, who flew 409 combat missions spanning World War Two, Korea and Vietnam, died in his sleep Sunday morning, a family spokesperson said. "He had his right hand over his heart and was smiling serenely," his youngest daughter Yvonne McGee said in a statement released by the spokesperson."Today, we lost an America hero," Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said on Twitter. "While I am saddened by his loss, I'm also incredibly grateful for his sacrifice, his legacy and his character. Rest in Peace, General." McGee was born Dec. 7, 1919 in Cleveland, Ohio. His plane was hit twice in combat, once during the Korean conflict and again years later near Laos, both times on his right wing. McGee battled racism and segregation during his military career. He was called to service in 1942 at age 23 and became one of the first Black military aviators known as the Tuskegee Airmen."Being brought up, they say African-American or Black, but we're American and our country was at war," McGee told Reuters in 2016."We were just as interested in supporting that effort as anybody else at that time and so we turned our back on the fact that there was segregation, if you will, and took advantage of the opportunity to prove that we can fly airplanes," he added...The Tuskegee Airmen's success helped lay the groundwork for the civil rights movement and influenced then-President Harry Truman's decision to desegregate the armed forces in 1948. Then-President George Bush honored the Tuskegee Airmen in 2007 with the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian award given by Congress. After flying as a Tuskegee Airman in World War Two, he built a legacy for the next three decades as an Air Force pilot during the North Korea and Vietnam wars. He retired about 50 years ago. .."
Humanitarian-Catastrophe "GENEVA, Aug 26 (Reuters) - The worst drought in the Horn of Africa in more than 40 years looks almost certain to persist after the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Friday that forecasts for October-December show a high chance of drier-than-average conditions. The latest outlook confirms the fears of aid agencies which have been warning for months about the worsening consequences of the drought for Ethiopia, Somalia and parts of Kenya, including a risk of another famine in Somalia following one there a decade ago that killed hundreds of thousands of people."
NYTIMES:"A panel of medical experts on Tuesday recommended for the first time that doctors screen all adult patients under 65 for anxiety, guidance that highlights the extraordinary stress levels that have plagued the United States since the start of the pandemic. The advisory group, called the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, said the guidance was intended to help prevent mental health disorders from going undetected and untreated for years or even decades. It made a similar recommendation for children and teenagers earlier this year. The panel, appointed by an arm of the federal Department of Health and Human Services, has been preparing the guidance since before the pandemic. The recommendations come at a time of “critical need,” said Lori Pbert, a clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School, who serves on the task force. Americans have been reporting outsize anxiety levels in response to a confluence of stressors, including inflation and crime rates, fear of illness and loss of loved ones from Covid-19. .."
casitas-de-esperanza NBCNEWS:"...Even with the minimum wage, if you’re working a full-time job, and you’re making $15 an hour, but the house you’re living in is $2,400,” she said. “There is no way to bridge that gap. So one of the things that we’ve seen with homelessness in our community is that we have a lot of people who are working who are homeless.” .."
Journalist-Lourdes-Maldonado-Lopez-killed "Mexico City (CNN)Journalist Lourdes Maldonado López was killed on Sunday in northern Mexico's border city of Tijuana, marking the third killing of a journalist in the country in two weeks. López was shot to death inside a car in Tijuana's Santa Fe neighborhood, according to a Sunday statement from the Baja California Attorney General Office. Local law enforcement first received a report on Sunday at 7 p.m. local time and found López dead upon arrival, it said. An investigation is underway. López covered corruption and politics, and had been the victim of previous attacks for her work, according to the human rights organization, Article 19, of which López was a member. .. "
thousands-protest-in-India "Delhi, India (CNN)At a conference in India last month, a Hindu extremist dressed head-to-toe in the religion's holy color, saffron, called on her supporters to kill Muslims and "protect" the country. "If 100 of us become soldiers and are prepared to kill 2 million (Muslims), then we will win ... protect India, and make it a Hindu nation," said Pooja Shakun Pandey, a senior member of the right-wing Hindu Mahasabha political party, according to a video of the event. Her words -- and calls for violence from other religious leaders -- were met with a roar of applause from the large audience, video from the three-day conference in the northern Indian city of Haridwar shows. But across India, people were outraged. Nearly a month on, many are still furious at the lack of government response or arrests over the comments, which they say highlights a worsening climate for the country's Muslims... "
Al Jezeera reporter killed WASHINGTONPOST:
"JERUSALEM — The funeral of slain Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh began in chaos Friday, as Israeli police set off stun grenades and beat mourners with batons, after a group of them tried to carry her coffin on their shoulders rather than let it be loaded in a hearse.By day’s end, the crowds had swelled into the largest Palestinian gathering in Jerusalem in recent memory. Mourners called it a stunning display of national unity, prompted by the death of a journalist being hailed as an icon, with a face familiar across the Arab world, who was the latest victim, they said, of Israel’s decades-long occupation. Abu Akleh, a correspondent for the Al Jazeera news channel, was shot dead Wednesday while covering an Israeli military raid in the West Bank. The network and Palestinian authorities said she was shot by Israeli troops. Israel has said she was caught in crossfire. After saying Palestinian gunmen were most likely responsible, the military said Thursday that it was examining the possibility that one of its soldiers fired the shot..."
digital-representation-of-murdered-child BBC:"Bodies found at the bottom of a medieval well were Ashkenazi Jews and victims of 12th Century anti-Semitic violence, DNA evidence has suggested. They were discovered in 2004 during an excavation of a site in the centre of Norwich. The well contained the remains of at least 17 people, mostly children, six of whom have had their DNA analysed...The findings, published in the Current Biology journal, indicate that four of the probable victims were relatives, including three young sisters, aged five to 10 years old, 10 to 15 years old and a young adult...According to the study, the findings were consistent with them being victims of a historically-recorded anti-Semitic massacre by local crusaders and their supporters in Norwich on 6 February 1190 AD. It was recorded by the chronicler Ralph de Diceto in his Imagines Historiarum II where he wrote: "Accordingly on 6th February [in 1190 AD] all the Jews who were found in their own houses at Norwich were butchered; some had taken refuge in the castle". Dr Brace, a lead author on the paper, said: "Twelve years after we first started analysing the remains of these individuals, technology has caught up and helped us to understand this historical cold case of who these people were and why we think they were murdered." "
goes-beyond-conservatismCNN:"Armed Idaho locals show up to library board meetings to push ban of over 400 books CNN's Nick Watt is in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, where locals are pushing back against activists trying to get more than 400 books banned from the library — books that the library doesn't even have.Source: CNN Trustees of the local library are under seige by "American Redoubt" and are facing a recall. Locals are resisting. A coalition of conservatives and liberals are attmpting to fight back but the book ban crowd has been running and winning elections. .."COMMENT:The book ban crowd are nothing more than fascist nazis. The scary part is that they are winning. They say they are Christian? Utter nonsense. "He who does not love does not know God, for God is love"1 John 4:7-11 NKJV
David-Flink "New York (CNN)Growing up, David Flink struggled in school -- despite his smarts. He had a hard time focusing in class, and he didn't understand why he couldn't learn the way other students did. "There was a calculation made," he said. "I could either be the dumb kid or I could be the bad kid. So, I started acting out." Flink was often asked to leave the classroom because of the disruptions he caused. "At one point, my desk was literally moved to the hallway," he said. "But then I had this message sent to me that I didn't belong in a classroom." One in five children in the United States has a learning disability. At the time, Flink didn't realize he was among them, and his struggles left him feeling alone and isolated.It was in a hallway where Flink met his first mentor, the school's janitor. "He got to know me, and eventually we started playing chess," Flink said. "There was nothing that said he had to take an interest in my life, and he did anyhow. And that saved me." .."
CNN:" South Korea has a problem: thousands of people, many middle aged and isolated, are dying alone each year, often going undiscovered for days or weeks. This is “godoksa,” or “lonely deaths,” a widespread phenomenon the government has been trying to combat for years as its population rapidly ages. Under South Korean law, a “lonely death” is when someone who lives alone, cut off from family or relatives, dies ..."
secret-meeting-of-fake-electors CNN:"'A secret meeting place': Fake GOP elector reveals how phony ballots were cast for Trump Erin Burnett Out Front A fake elector from Wisconsin reveals how he and other Republicans met secretly to produce phony documents and subvert democracy. CNN's Kyung Lah reports..."
Sri-Lanka CNN:"...For weeks, Sri Lanka has been battling its worst economic crisis since the island nation gained independence in 1948, leaving food, fuel, gas and medicine in short supply, and sending the cost of basic goods skyrocketing.Though the situation is now particularly acute, it's been years in the making... "30% is misfortune. 70% is mismanagement," said Murtaza Jafferjee, chair of Colombo-based think tank Advocata Institute. For the past decade, he said, the Sri Lankan government had borrowed vast sums of money from foreign lenders and expanded public services. As the government's borrowings grew, the economy took hits from major monsoons that hurt agricultural output in 2016 and 2017, followed by a constitutional crisis in 2018, and the deadly Easter bombings in 2019. ..Sri Lanka is now looking for outside help to ease the economic turmoil -- the IMF, India and China..."
CNN:"Former US Army corporal and Medal of Honor recipient Hiroshi “Hershey” Miyamura has died, according to a news release from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. He was 97 years old. Miyamura was born on October 6, 1925, in Gallup, New Mexico. He joined the Army in January 1945 as part of a mostly-Japanese American infantry regiment, according to the statement. “He was discharged from the Army shortly after Japan surrendered but later enlisted in the US Army Reserve” and returned to active duty after the Korean War began." President Dwight D. Eisenhower presented Miyamura with the Medal of Honor on White House grounds in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 27, 1953, for his actions near Taejon-Ni, Korea, during the Korean War. On April 24, 1951, then-Cpl. Miyamura was a machine-gun squad leader with Company H occupying a defensive position when the enemy threatened to overrun the position. Aware of the imminent danger to his men, he engaged in close hand-to-hand combat, killing approximately 10 of the enemy before returning to administer first aid to the wounded and directed their evacuation. When another assault hit the line, he manned his machine gun until his ammunition was expended and ordered the squad to withdraw while he stayed behind bayoneting his way through infiltrated enemy soldiers to a second gun emplacement and assisted in its operation. He ordered his men to fall back while covering their movement and killed more than 50 of the enemy before his ammunition was depleted and he was severely wounded but was still seen continuing to fight an overwhelming number of enemy soldiers before being captured by the enemy."
ike-schab "(CNN)A Pearl Harbor survivor will be in attendance at the 80th remembrance ceremony this week, thanks to the help of his daughter and dozens of strangers who wanted to make sure he could be there. Ike Schab, 101, told CNN he was on a docked ship when the attack occurred in 1941. "I don't remember seeing the Arizona get hit, but I remember being at the bow of our ship and a big high tower of flame and debris came off of her," Schab said. "It's getting harder to remember these things, but I remember trying not to get killed during the war. Like most people." His daughter, Kimberlee Heinrichs, told CNN she knew her dad needed to attend the event on December 7, after his social life was severely limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But after a tough year of layoffs and financial struggle, getting him there with the care he needed didn't seem possible...To raise the money to get a second caregiver Heinrichs turned to GoFundMe. After about a week she exceeded the $5,000 goal and then some."The idea that complete strangers donated money... made me cry. People did something kind when that seems in short supply," she said."Both said they are grateful for the generosity of others, and the opportunity to have Schab there in person." On Sunday, he's going to be conducting the PACFLEET band at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Schab has attended the ceremony a few times in his life and said every time he does, it brings him a sense of wonder. “I like that when I go there are reminders of people and things from a long time ago. People I miss. It brings back memories,” he said.Heinrichs acknowledges this could be her dad’s last time attending the ceremony, and implores this generation to get to know some veterans....
Lake-Shasta "(CNN)Against the backdrop of the water crisis in the Colorado River Basin, where the country's largest reservoirs are plunging at an alarming rate, California's two largest reservoirs — Shasta Lake and Lake Oroville — are facing a similar struggle. Years of low rainfall and snowpack and more intense heat waves have fed directly to the state's multiyear, unrelenting drought conditions, rapidly draining statewide reservoirs. And according to this week's report from the US Drought Monitor, the two major reservoirs are at "critically low levels" at the point of the year when they should be the highest."
prc-incursion "TAIPEI, Oct 2 (Reuters) - Taiwan has reported the largest ever incursion by the Chinese air force into its air defence zone, with 38 aircraft flying in two waves on Friday as Beijing marked the founding of the People's Republic of China. Chinese-claimed Taiwan has complained for a year or more of repeated missions by China's air force near the democratically governed island, often in the southwestern part of its air defence zone close to the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands. The Taiwan Defence Ministry first reported Taiwanese fighters had scrambled against 18 J-16 and four Su-30 fighter jets plus two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers and an anti-submarine aircraft. Then in the early hours of Saturday, the ministry said a further 13 Chinese aircraft were involved in a mission on Friday night - 10 J-16s, 2 H-6s and an early warning aircraft.It said Taiwan sent combat aircraft to warn away the Chinese aircraft, while missile systems were deployed to monitor them. The first batch of Chinese aircraft all flew in an area close to the Pratas Islands, with the two bombers flying closest to the atoll, according to a map issued by the ministry. The second group flew down into the Bashi Channel that separates Taiwan from the Philippines, a key waterway that links the Pacific with the disputed South China Sea.China has yet to comment on its activities. It has previously said such flights were to protect the country's sovereignty and aimed at "collusion" between Taiwan and the United States, the island's most important international backer..."
a-mother-and-her-son NYTIMES:"GONE Nearly 100,000 people have disappeared in Mexico. Their families now search for clues among the dead.They lie in clandestine graves strewn across the desert, mingled in communal pits, or hacked to pieces and scattered on desiccated hillsides. Buried without a name, often all that’s left once their bodies are gone are the empty casings of a person: a bloodied sweatshirt, a frilly top, a tattered dress.All over Mexico, mothers wander under the scorching sun, poking at the earth and sniffing for the tell-tale scent of decomposing flesh, hoping for a scrap that points toward their missing son or daughter. For most, the answers never come.A New York Times photographer documented their search, and in Chihuahua state, he photographed the clothing that was found with unidentified bodies and preserved by investigators. ..."
pro democracy activists remanded Reuters:"Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong was remanded into custody on Monday after pleading guilty to charges of organising and inciting an unauthorized assembly near the police headquarters during last year's anti-government protests..."
Woman and child in Tigray BBC:"Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: PM gives Tigray forces 72 hours to surrender. Ethiopia's prime minister has given forces in the northern region of Tigray 72 hours to surrender as government troops advance on the capital, Mekelle. Abuy Ahmed told Tigrayan leaders they were 'at a point of no return'.."
The Wonders of Star Gazing CNN: "The two largest planets in our solar system are coming closer together than they have been since the Middle Ages, and it's happenng just in time for Christmas. So there are some things to look forward to in the final month of 2020.On the night of December 21, the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will appear so closely aligned n our sky that they will look like a double planet. This close approach is called a conjunction.' Alignments between these two planets are rather rare, occurring once every 20 years or so, but this conjunction is exceptionally rare...'..."
Large and Small Magellanic Clouds CNN:"There are nearly 2 billion stars in our galaxy. At least that's what the most current map shows. Astronomers have mapped the most extensive atlas of our Milky Way galaxy yet, including the positions of each and every one of those stars. The European Space Agency's Gaia space observatory also tracked the movement, colorsand brightness of these stars as well as the first visible measurement of the acceleration of our solar system..."
Origin of the planets capsule lands in Australia Reuters:"Japan has retrieved a capsule of asteroid dust from Australia's remote outback after a six-year mission that may help uncover more about the origins of the planets and water, the Asian nation's space agency said on Sunday. The mission of the Japanese spacecraft, Hayabusa2, spotlights Asia's growing role in space exploration, with a Chinese robotic vehicle collecting lunar samples last week for the first time since the 1970s. ...."
Danny-Stewart-Pete-Mercurio-and-their-son "(CNN)A New York family who came together by chance 21 years ago has now shared their remarkable story in a children's book. Pete Mercurio was walking out the door to meet his then-partner (now husband) Danny Stewart for dinner in August 2000 when his phone rang. It was Stewart, calling to tell him he'd be late. He'd found an abandoned baby in the subway and had called 911 from a payphone. Stewart, a social worker, had spotted a little bundle wrapped in a sweatshirt while walking through an eerily empty station. At first, he thought it was a doll, perhaps left behind by a child, until he saw a tiny leg move. He quickly discovered it was a newborn baby, the umbilical cord still attached. Mercurio, who authored a book about this chance encounter, spoke to CNN about that night, and about how he and Stewart ended up raising the baby as their own..."He had actually tried to get on an express train and couldn't get on one," Mercurio recalls of Stewart's path that fateful day. "The fact that he even got on a local was kind of miraculous because who knows if he had gotten on an express if he'd even had found the baby." Mercurio says something made Stewart glance back at the bundle and see the newborn's small motion..."
public-education-in-crisis WASHINGTONPOST:"Test scores are down, and violence is up. Parents are screaming at school boards, and children are crying on the couches of social workers. Anger is rising. Patience is falling. For public schools, the numbers are all going in the wrong direction. Enrollment is down. Absenteeism is up. There aren’t enough teachers, substitutes or bus drivers. Each phase of the pandemic brings new logistics to manage, and Republicans are planning political campaigns this year aimed squarely at failings of public schools. Public education is facing a crisis unlike anything in decades, and it reaches into almost everything that educators do: from teaching math, to counseling anxious children, to managing the building. ..."
Embla-Ademi "(CNN)The President of North Macedonia walked an 11-year-old girl with Down syndrome to school after he heard she was being bullied. President Stevo Pendarovski held Embla Ademi's hand as he walked her to her elementary school in the city of Gostivar on Monday. Embla has experienced bullying at school due as a result of having Down syndrome -- a genetic condition that causes learning disabilities, health problems and distinctive facial characteristics -- a spokesperson for the President's office told CNN.Pendarovski "talked to Embla's parents about the challenges she and her family face on a daily basis," and discussed solutions, his office said in a press release. "The President said that the behavior of those who endanger children's rights is unacceptable, especially when it comes to children with atypical development," the statement said. "They should not only enjoy the rights they deserve, but also feel equal and welcome in the school desks and schoolyard. It is our obligation, as a state, but also as individuals, and the key element in this common mission is empathy."..."
Russia China joint patrols in the Pacific ABCNews:"Russian and Chinese bombers flew a joint patrol mission over the Western Pacific Tuesday in a show of increasingly close military ties between Moscow and Beijing. The Russian military said that a pair of its Tu-95 strategic bombers and four Chinese H-6K bombers flew over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea. The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the joint mission was intended to 'develop and deepen the comprehensive Russia-China partnership further increase the level of cooperation between the two militaries, expand their ability for joint action and strengthen strategic stability'..."
Annual Threat Assessment ATA ODNI Unclassified Report:"In the coming year, the United States and its allies will face a diverse array of threats that are playing out amidst the global disruption resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and against the backdrop of great power competition, the disruptive effects of ecological degradation and a changing climate, an increasing number of empowered non-state actors, and rapidly evolving technology. The complexity of the threats, their intersections, and the potential for cascading events in an increasingly interconnected and mobile world create new challenges for the IC. Ecological and climate changes, for example, are connected to public health risks, humanitarian concerns, social and political instability, and geopolitical rivalry. The 2021 Annual Threat Assessment highlights some of those connections as it provides the IC’s baseline assessments of the most pressing threats to US national interests, while emphasizing the United States’ key adversaries and competitors.It is not an exhaustive assessment of all global challenges and notably excludes assessments of US adversaries’ vulnerabilities. It accounts for functional concerns, such as weapons of mass destruction and technology, primarily in the sections on threat actors, such as China and Russia..."
Global Wealth Inequality Bloomberg: "Tax cuts for rich people breed inequality without providing much of a boon to anyone else, according to a study of the advanced world that could add to the case for the wealthy to bear more of the cost of the coronavirus pandemic. The paper, by David Hope of the London School of Economics and Julian Limberg of King's College London, found that such measures over the last 50 years only really benefited the individuals who were directly affected, and did little to promote jobs or growth. 'Policy makers shouldn't worry that raising taxes on the rich to fund the financial cost of the pandemic will harm their economies,' Hope said in an interview..."
French Government to return Klimt to rightful Jewish heirs ABCNews:"The French government announced Monday that it will return a Nazi-looted Gustav Klimt landscape painting to its rightful owners more than 80 years after it was stolen from a Jewish family in Austria in 1938. The colorful 1905 oil work by the Austrian symbolist painter titled “Rosebushes under the Trees” has been hanging in Paris’ Musee d’Orsay museum for decades.French Culture Minister Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin told a Paris news conference that “the decision to return a major work from the public collections illustrates our commitment to the duty of justice and reparation vis-à-vis plundered families.”"
Afghanistan one of the worlds most dangerous countries for children BBC:"An average of five children have been killed or wounded every day for the past 14 years in war-torn Afghanistan, a charity has found. Data from the UN showed at least 26,025 children were killed or maimed from 2005 to 2019, said Save the Children. The charity has urged donor nations to protect the future of children ahead of a key meeting in Geneva on Monday..."
Milton Friedman Bloomberg:"George Serafeim wants to revolutionize the way businesses calculate their success. Profit and loss aren't enough says the Harvard Business School professor. Serafeim aims to do what no one has done before: Put a dollar value on the impact of products and operations on people and the planet, then add or subtract it from companies' bottom lines. Intel Corp. provides an example of both. Serafeim and his five-person team credited $6.9 billion to the chipmaker in 2018 for paying its employees well and for boosting local economies where it has offices..."
HPE website Washington Post:"Tech giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise said it is moving its global headquarters to the Houston area from California, where the company's roots go back to the founding of Silicon Valley decades ago. Texas Gov. Greg Abbot's office announced that the relocation will increase the company's presence in the area, which is already home to more than 2,600 employees..."
simulation of cosmic web and dwarf galaxies CNN :"Scientists have discovered a "myriad" of galaxies that were previously undetected. The newly found systems were observed with the world's most advanced optical telescope. Cosmological models had long predicted the existence of filaments -- gas in which galaxies are created -- but no images had been captured of the phenomenon, except in the vicinity of quasars, which are astronomical objects of high luminosity found in the centers of some galaxies."
bosses-have-stopped-firing-people "New York (CNN Business)If you have a job today, chances have never been better that you can keep it as long as you want. There's been a lot of attention to the "Great Resignation," the record number of people quitting their jobs amid the pandemic's upheavals. More than four million workers quit their jobs every month from July through October, according to the latest available data from the US Labor Department. The number of employees voluntarily walking out the door has never topped that mark before. But what isn't getting as much attention is the other end of that spectrum: firings and layoffs have essentially ground to a halt. "Employers are hanging onto workers for dear life," said Julia Pollack, chief economist for Ziprecruiter. Only 1.36 million people lost their jobs in October, just barely higher than the 1.35 million who were let go in May, when that reading hit a record low. The latest tally shows that there were 227,000 fewer firings and layoffs than even the pre-pandemic low reached September 2016. And it's down nearly 30% from the average number of layoffs and firings, even excluding the spike in layoffs that occurred in March and April of 2020 at the start of the pandemic. .."
slave-ship NEWYORKTIMES:"The historian Marcus Rediker opens “The Slave Ship: A Human History” with a harrowing reconstruction of the journey, for a captive, from shore to ship: The ship grew larger and more terrifying with every vigorous stroke of the paddles. The smells grew stronger and the sounds louder — crying and wailing from one quarter and low, plaintive singing from another; the anarchic noise of children given an underbeat by hands drumming on wood; the odd comprehensible word or two wafting through: someone asking for menney, water, another laying a curse, appealing to myabecca, spirits. An estimated 12.5 million people endured some version of this journey, captured and shipped mainly from the western coast of Africa to the Western Hemisphere during the four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Of that number, about 10.7 million survived to reach the shores of the so-called New World. It is thanks to decades of painstaking, difficult work that we know a great deal about the scale of human trafficking across the Atlantic Ocean and about the people aboard each ship. Much of that research is available to the public in the form of the SlaveVoyages database. A detailed repository of information on individual ships, individual voyages and even individual people, it is a groundbreaking tool for scholars of slavery, the slave trade and the Atlantic world. .."
Bob-Bryntwick-and-picture WASHINGTONPOST-MAGAZINE:"We’re moving” was a phrase Bob Bryntwick heard once or twice a year during his childhood in the 1950s. There were many times when he’d come home from school to find the contents of his family’s Montreal home scattered across the front lawn. His single mother, Anne, didn’t make rent again.He’d shrug, gather his things and mentally prepare to start over” .."
marcos-jr-supporters "MANILA, May 9 (Reuters) - Ferdinand Marcos Jr clinched a stunning runaway victory in the Philippines' presidential election on Monday in the first win by a majority since a 1986 revolution that toppled his late father's two-decade dictatorship. An unofficial tally showed Marcos, popularly known as "Bongbong", had surpassed the 27.5 million votes needed for a majority, setting the stage for a once unthinkable return to rule of the Marcos family, 36 years after its humiliating retreat into exile during a "people power" uprising."I hope you won't get tired of trusting us," Marcos told supporters in remarks streamed on Facebook, a platform at the core of his political strategy. "We have plenty of things to do," he said, adding "an endeavour as large as this does not involve one person." Marcos Jr had 29.9 million votes, double that of Leni Robredo, the vice president, with 93.8% of the eligible ballots counted, according to the unofficial Commission on Elections (COMELEC) tally. Turnout was about 80% ..."
PRC Flag outside the old city Xingjiang CNN:"The Chinese government's alleged actions in Xinjiang have violated every single provision in the United Nations' Genocide Convention, according to an independent report by more than 50 global experts in human rights, war crimes and international law. .. It is the first time a non-governmental organization has undertaken an independent legal analysis of the accusations of genocide in Xinjiang, including what responsibility Beijing may bear for the alleged crimes. An advance copy of the report was seen exclusively by CNN. ..."
Auschwitz Reuters:"Marian Turski, a 94-year-old survivor of the Auschwitz death camp, marked the 76th anniversary of its liberation by Soviet troops on Wednesday only virtually, aware that he might never return as the coronavirus pandemic drags on.Survivors and museum officials told Reuters they fear the pandemic could end the era where Auschwitz’s former prisoners can tell their own stories to visitors on site. Most Auschwitz survivors are in their eighties and nineties. “Even if there was no pandemic, there would be fewer survivors at every anniversary,” Turski told Reuters in a Zoom interview from his Warsaw home."
ABCNEWS: "Smaller, grassroots efforts in communities across the country are trying alternative strategies to curb violence, recognizing the fallout from decades of “tough on crime” policies that criminalized a generation, leaving them with fewer resources and opportunities than ever. That includes violence interrupter programs such as Gideon’s Army or Cure Violence Global, which started in Chicago and has branched out to other cites. Other groups, including the West Nashville Dream Center, primarily attack structural issues such as poverty and educational inequality. The groups differ in philosophy but share a common goal of improving life in their communities. Minorities are heavily affected by community violence, said Paul Carrillo, the community violence initiative director at the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, but it’s not unusual to see pushback surface at the grassroots level.“Anywhere there’s a significant level of crime there are also homegrown peacemakers," he said...."
500-years NBCNEWS:"MEXICO CITY — There are two ways of remembering the Spanish siege of Tenochtitlán, the Aztec capital now known as Mexico City: as the painful birth of modern Mexico, or the start of centuries of virtual enslavement. The world-changing battle started on May 22, 1521, and lasted for months until the city finally fell to the conquistadores on Aug. 13. It was one of the few times an organized Indigenous army under local command fought European colonizers to a standstill for months, and the final defeat helped set the template for much of the conquest and colonization that came afterward. ..."
People sift through debris NBCNews:"A new report by a federal agency that regulates the nation's commodities markets warns that climate change 'poses a major risk to the stability of the U.S. financial system' and is already affecting, or is projected to affect, nearly every part of the American economy. Coming at the midpoint of what has already been an intense hurricane season and as extreme wildfires rage across a huge part of the west Coast, the report offers one of the most strongly worded warnings about the financial risks of climate change yet seen from a federal financial regulator..."
Pro Democracy Activist arrested in security crackdown Reuters:"Over 50 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of violating the city's national security law, local media reported, in the biggest crackdown yet against the opposition camp under the contentious new legislation. Police also arrived at the offices of pr-democracy online media outlet Stand News, according to live footage on its website. A Stand News reporter said police had asked the editor-in-chief to sign documents related to a national security investigation..."
Lost Library BBC:"Centuries ago, a prestigious Islamic library brought Arabic numerals to the world. Though the library long since disappeared, its mathematical revolution changed our world. The House of Wisdom sounds a bit like make belive: no trace remains of this ancient library, destroyed in the 13th Century, so we cannot be sure exactly where it was located or what it looked like. But this prestigious academy was in fact a major intellectual powerhouse..."
Li-Jingwei CNN:"Hong Kong (CNN)A man who was abducted as a child in China more than 30 years ago has been reunited with his parents -- thanks to social media, online sleuths and a crude map drawn from memory. Li Jingwei was only 4 years old when he was kidnapped by a man he knew from his family's village in southwestern Yunnan province in 1988. He was taken to live with another family in central Henan province, where he grew up, according to state-run news outlet The Paper. Even as a young child, Li realized he had been taken far from home -- but he had no way of returning even as he grew older, he told The Paper. He didn't remember his birth name, his parents' names or the name of his village. But he did remember what his home village looked like: where trees grew, cows grazed, roads turned and rivers flowed. He remembered the rice paddies and ponds near his house, and where bamboo shoots grew in the nearby mountain. .."
csu-bans-caste-discrimination "(CNN)On paper, the change was subtle -- the word "caste" appearing in parentheses after the term "race and ethnicity." But for many advocates and student leaders, the tweak to California State University's anti-discrimination policy that quietly went into effect on January 1 was a civil rights victory: An acknowledgment from the nation's largest, four-year public university system that the insidious form of oppression that has long haunted some on campus is, in fact, real. Caste-oppressed students, who mostly hail from South Asian immigrant and diaspora backgrounds, say that casteism tends to manifest in US colleges and universities through slurs, microaggressions and social exclusion...."
The-Patel-Family NBCNEWS:"In the small village of Dingucha, in the state of Gujarat in western India, flyers are plastered on lampposts and buildings, hard to miss even on a short walk down the road. They advertise to the residents, most of whom live in poverty, a better life abroad. “Study in UK, Canada, Free Application, Offer Letter In 3 Days.” The promise might sound too good to be true, but those who live there say many of their dreams revolve around it. “If there is money, they will go,” Ganpatbhai Patel, a resident of Dingucha, told NBC News in a translated interview. Last month, a family took up that offer, as many had before. Jagdish Patel, 39, Vaishaliben Patel, 37, and their children, Vihangi, 11, and Dharmik, 3, left their home in Dingucha and set out for Canada. About a week later, their bodies were found 13 yards from the border, where they had froze to death trying to cross into the U.S. on foot..."
CNN:" On a dark autumn evening almost four years ago, Janie Yoshida was driving her daughter home from high school play rehearsal when she noticed a teenager walking by himself next to a busy road. Tre Burrows, it turned out, was also in the play at Somerset Academy Canyons High School in Boynton Beach, Florida. “I pulled over to the side of the sidewalk and rolled the window down and said, ‘Hey, where do you live? I’ll take you home,’” Janie recalled. The 17-year-old kept insisting he was fine, until Janie put on “my mom’s voice” and demanded: ‘“Get in the car.” The polite young man with the gregarious smile complied. But, Janie soon learned, he led a life more challenging than she imagined – one in which she’d soon play a far bigger role. “He wanted me to drop him off at a main intersection. And I said, ‘Of course not. Just show me where you live.’ And he goes, ‘No, I can walk the rest of the way,’” Janie recalled. Reluctantly, Tre directed Janie to where he and his family were living. A motel...."
NASA:"NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has captured a lush, highly detailed landscape – the iconic Pillars of Creation – where new stars are forming within dense clouds of gas and dust. The three-dimensional pillars look like majestic rock formations, but are far more permeable. These columns are made up of cool interstellar gas and dust that appear – at times – semi-transparent in near-infrared light. Webb’s new view of the Pillars of Creation, which were first made famous when imaged by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in 1995, will help researchers revamp their models of star formation by identifying far more precise counts of newly formed stars, along with the quantities of gas and dust in the region. Over time, they will begin to build a clearer understanding of how stars form and burst out of these dusty clouds over millions of years..."
" CNN:"Multiple space and ground-based telescopes witnessed one of the brightest explosions in space when it reached Earth on October 9. The burst may be one of the most powerful ever recorded by telescopes. Gamma-ray bursts, or GRBs, are the most powerful class of explosions in the universe, according to NASA. Scientists have dubbed this one GRB 221009A, and telescopes around the world continue to observe its aftermath.“The exceptionally long GRB 221009A is the brightest GRB ever recorded and its afterglow is smashing all records at all wavelengths,” said Brendan O’Connor, a doctoral student at the University of Maryland and George Washington University in Washington, DC, in a statement. “Because this burst is so bright and also nearby, we think this is a once-in-a-century opportunity to address some of the most fundamental questions regarding these explosions, from the formation of black holes to tests of dark matter models.” Scientists believe the creation of the long, bright pulse occurred when a massive star in the Sagitta constellation — about 2.4 billion light-years away — collapsed into a supernova explosion and became a black hole.
CNN:" At first glance, it looks like another of those viral photos that we can barely watch anymore. It shows a White state trooper and a Black man during a traffic stop on a bright, sunny day. The trooper is leaning his thick arms through the open passenger window to clutch the Black man’s right hand. The man’s back is pinned against the passenger seat, and his eyes are squeezed shut. He appears to be wincing in pain. But this photo is being widely shared for another reason. The trooper is reaching into the car to help, not to harm. And the encounter has been described by those who witnessed it not as tragic, but inspired. “It was a really beautiful moment for me to see this take place between my dad and the officer,” said Ashlye V. Wilkerson, the 39-year-old driver of the car who surreptitiously took the photo. The state trooper still has trouble digesting what happened that afternoon. “It’s just one of those things I can’t explain,” said Trooper Jaret Doty of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol..."
Sagittarius-A "(CNN)For the first time, astronomers have captured an image of the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. It's the first direct observation confirming the presence of the black hole, known as Sagittarius A*, as the beating heart of the Milky Way. Black holes don't emit light, but the image shows the shadow of the black hole surrounded by a bright ring, which is light bent by the gravity of the black hole. Astronomers said the black hole is 4 million times more massive than our sun. "For decades, astronomers have wondered what lies at the heart of our galaxy, pulling stars into tight orbits through its immense gravity," Michael Johnson, astrophysicist at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian, said in a statement."With the (Event Horizon Telescope or EHT) image, we have zoomed in a thousand times closer than these orbits, where the gravity grows a million times stronger. At this close range, the black hole accelerates matter"
CNN:"When Pardeep Kaleka first contacted Arno Michaelis, he was looking for answers. It was 2012, just a few weeks after a White supremacist entered the Sikh gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and gunned down Kaleka’s father and five other members of his community. As Kaleka wrestled with feelings of anger, guilt and cynicism, he wanted to understand what would drive someone to target his place of worship. More than that, he wanted someone to take accountability. After carrying out the massacre, the Oak Creek shooter had turned the gun on himself. So Kaleka turned to a substitute: Michaelis, a former White supremacist who had helped found the neo-Nazi skinhead organization to which his father’s killer belonged. The two exchanged some messages and agreed to meet at a Thai restaurant in Milwaukee a few days later..."
"On Friday, the federal Marine Mammal Rescue team learned of a humpback whale entangled in the ropes of a large yellow buoy used for prawn fishing.In video footage taken by DFO, rescuers manage to release the gear, which appeared to be attached to the whale’s mouth. “Debris is a real problem for marine wildlife,” said an email from Lara Sloane, DFO communications advisor.Sloane said the public can help prevent entanglements by cutting packing material, banding, rope and other looped material before disposing of it, and by not dumping those materials in the marine environment. The DFO said the rescue was a community effort that included the RCMP, commercial tug operators, B.C. Ferries captains, Nanaimo fishery officers, whale-watch companies and others who worked with DFO on the water and provided updates on the entangled whale’s location."
Humpbacks-v-Orcas LIVESCIENCE:"Whale watchers near the U.S.-Canada border recently witnessed a brutal mass brawl between more than a dozen aggressive orcas and a pair of defensive humpback whales. The intense confrontation, which lasted for several hours, included breaching, tail-slapping, biting flippers and loud vocalizations that could be heard from above the surface, according to reports. But it is unclear which species swam away victorious. The cetacean showdown took place Sept. 29 in the Juan de Fuca Strait in the Salish Sea..."