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CNN:"Telfs-Buchen, Austria (CNN)President Joe Biden arrived in Europe Saturday for a week of summits, where the grinding war in Ukraine -- entering its fifth month and fading from Americans' attention -- will be thrust back to the forefront. The President touched down in Germany late Saturday local time. Biden hopes to announce new sanctions and military assistance alongside European allies during his visits to Germany and Spain. Both the Group of 7 and NATO summits will hear from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who continues to appeal to the United States and other countries for more help. Yet big questions loom over the talks in Germany and Spain, most importantly whether the united western response to the conflict can be sustained -- particularly as leaders face the threat of a global recession and growing anger at home over rising prices for gas, food and other goods.The looming economic crisis has caused serious political problems for many of the leaders, Biden included. .. "
CNN:"Robert E. Crimo III has been taken into custody near Lake Forest, IL, authorities said during a brief news conference just before 8 p.m. ET. Authorities said Crimo was spotted by a North Chicago officer who attempted to initiate a traffic stop. Crimo then fled and led officers on a brief pursuit before being stopped in Lake Forest, Illinois. He was taken into custody without incident and will be taken to the Highland Park police department. When asked, authorities said they are still calling Crimo a “person of interest” while they investigate and connect him to the scene. ..The Highland Park, Illinois shooting marks at least the 308th mass shooting in the US this year, according to data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit tracking such incidents. The organization defines a mass shooting as involving four or more people shot, not including the shooter. There have been 11 mass shootings in the first four days of July, including three on July 4 alone, in Richmond, Virginia; Chicago and Highland Park, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The carnage punctuates an already bloody American spring and summer, including an 18-year-old's racist attack at a New York supermarket that killed 10 and another 18-year-old's shooting at a Texas school that left 19 students and two teachers dead. In the wake of those massacres, President Biden just nine days ago signed into law the first major federal gun safety legislation in decades, marking a significant bipartisan breakthrough on one of the most contentious policy issues in Washington."
Hutchinson-Cheney "(CNN)To date, the January 6 committee has provided a clinical, step by step breakdown of who knew what when in the days leading up to the insurrection at the US Capitol. The committee's hearing on Tuesday was something quite different -- as Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top aide to Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, provided stirring and intimate details of what happened that day and, specifically, how Donald Trump acted. It was, in a word, ugly. Three moments stand out: 1) Hutchinson said she was told that when Trump got back into the presidential limousine, known as the Beast, and was told that he could not join protesters at the Capitol, he lost it. The then-President tried to grab the steering wheel and, when one of his security detail reached to stop him, he grabbed at that man's throat. 2) Trump, in expletive-laden language, urged that people with weapons -- guns, knives and the like -- be let through the magnetometers before his speech to the "Stop the Steal" rally. His goal? Ensure that the photographs and video of the event showed a packed crowd all listening to him. "They're not here to hurt me," Trump reportedly told people. 3) Meadows, when pressed by White House counsel Pat Cipollone, to say something more amid "Hang Mike Pence" chants at the US Capitol responded, according to Hutchinson: "[Trump] thinks Mike deserves it. He doesn't think they are doing anything wrong."Consider that. The President of the United States tried to commandeer his limousine, was stopped from doing so, and struck out at one of the people tasked with protecting him.. The President, knowing there are armed people gathering, urged that they be let into a confined space so that the crowd looked robust. Amidst chants that his vice president be hung, Trump said that he deserved it. It sounds more like the plot of a bad made-for-TV movie than real life. And all of it was happening on the same day that thousands of people stormed the Capitol, leaving 5 people dead and more than 100 police officers wounded..."
unindicted-attempted-coupster-and-insurrectionist "(CNN)Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming said she is "absolutely confident" in blockbuster testimony from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, and that the January 6 committee welcomes information from the Secret Service related to the incidents Hutchinson described. In an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America" that aired Thursday, Cheney was pressed on Hutchinson's remarks that former President Donald Trump lunged at a Secret Service agent in a vehicle traveling to the White House on January 6, 2021, and the committee's vice chairwoman was asked whether the panel had followed up with the Secret Service. Cheney told ABC that the panel had spoken with Tony Ornato, then-White House deputy chief of staff, and Robert Engel, who was the Secret Service agent in charge on January 6, 2021 -- and at whom Hutchinson testified that she was told by Ornato that Trump had lunged. "I don't want to get into too many details," Cheney said. "The committee has spoken to both Mr. Ornato and Mr. Engel, and we welcome additional testimony under oath from both of them, and from anybody else in the Secret Service who has information about any of these issues.".."
trump the wacked out nut job talking shit again CNN:"'Classic Trump playbook': Ex-Trump official responds to his attacks on Hutchinson Erin Burnett Out Front Former Trump White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah Griffin weighs in on the former president verbally attacking Cassidy Hutchinson on Newsmax following her testimony before the January 6 committee." Yes, the deranged rabid nutter, totally wacked out of his mind attacks the veracity of Hutchinson who clearly described a deranged clear and present danger to American Democracy.
"Generally speaking, Secret Service agents aren’t supposed to be in the news. But Cassidy Hutchinson’s explosive testimony on Tuesday has thrust them into it again. An agent who also served as Donald Trump’s deputy chief of staff, Anthony M. Ornato, reportedly disputes Hutchinson’s testimony. The dispute has set up the unusual prospect of Secret Service agents testifying to the Jan. 6 committee. It also could create one of the biggest factual disputes of the Jan. 6 committee’s work, with two (or more) witnesses testifying to something completely different under oath. And, very notably, this is hardly the first time Ornato has denied an account of a key White House conversation. It’s now happened in at least three high-profile occasions. And that calls his denials into question, say former Trump aides who stand by Hutchinson. One of them flat-out said Ornato lied in one of his previous denials. But another top White House aide involved in a previously disputed conversation is vouching for Ornato..."
"WASHINGTON/JACKSON, Miss., June 25 (Reuters) - Hundreds of protesters descended on the U.S. Supreme Court on Saturday to denounce the justice's decision to overturn the half-century-old Roe v. Wade precedent that recognized women's constitutional right to abortion. The sweeping ruling by the court, with a 6-3 conservative majority, was set to vastly change American life, with nearly half the states considered certain or likely to ban abortion. Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas suggested the court's reasoning could also lead it to reconsider past rulings protecting the right to contraception, legalizing gay marriage nationwide, and invalidating state laws banning gay sex. "
Jan-6-gallows "(CNN Business)Calls for violence against members of the January 6 committee are circulating on some of the same online platforms that helped fuel the lies that led to the insurrection, a new analysis has found..."
CNN:"Dasha Navalnaya, the daughter of imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, speaks with CNN's Jim Sciutto about the conditions her father faces after he was transferred to a maximum-security prison..." No one notified the family. They transferred him to a prison known for torturing and murdering inmates. He is in insolation, a form of psychological torture. Putin doesn't want him out. Putin doesn't want everyone to know his government is corrupt. The important thing to remember is that putin does not represent Russia and Russia is not putin.
Russian Opposition figure Ilya Yashin detained June 28 (Reuters) - Prominent Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin was detained in Moscow on Monday, a lawyer for opposition figures and a Russian journalist said on their social media accounts. Irina Babloyan, a journalist and a host at the now defunct Ekho Moskvy radio station, said Yashin was detained while the two were walking together. "I was walking with my friend, Ilya Yashin, in the park ... The police came and took Ilya away," Babloyan said on the Telegram messaging app. Lawyer Vadim Prokhorov, who has represented many Russian opposition figures, also said Yashin was in police custody for the alleged administrative violation of disobeying a police officer. "I'm not allowed to visit the (Moscow) Luzhniki Police Department to (see) the detained Ilya Yashin," he said on his Facebook page. Reuters was not able to independently verify the reports. There was no official confirmation of the detention from Russian authorities. Yashin's detention is the latest in a wider and long-lasting crackdown against opponents of the Kremlin."
"LONDON, June 28 (Reuters) - Russian aluminium tycoon Oleg Deripaska suggested on Tuesday that no winner would emerge from Moscow's invasion of Ukraine and highlighted the economic price that Russia was paying for its actions. Deripaska's comments to reporters in Moscow represented a rare public questioning of the Kremlin's rationale for the war by one of Russia's richest men. He was careful to avoid directly criticising President Vladimir Putin."I'm troubled by how quickly we abandoned everything that was achieved (economically) in the 90s, then we abandoned everything that we achieved in the 2000s, and now we are sitting and waiting for victory. Victory of what? Whose victory?" Deripaska asked. He added: "I think that destroying Ukraine would be a colossal mistake, including for us." Rising levels of prosperity had been linked to the development of Russia's private sector and building ties with the rest of Europe as Russia's main economic partner, he said. But it was "obvious" that Western sanctions were now hurting Russia more than Europe, said Deripaska, founder of Russian aluminium giant Rusal.Nor did he see any threat to its political leadership. "There is no potential for regime change in Russia. The opposition preferred beautiful European views and retreated from the life of the country," Deripaska said. Many of Russia's leading opposition figures, especially associates of jailed Kremlic critic Alexei Navalny, have fled to other European countries to escape being prosecuted.Deripaska, 54, is one of a group of businessmen known as oligarchs who control large parts of the economy, especially in energy and commodities, and have been able to preserve their fortunes on condition that they stay out of politics. Putin calls the Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine a special military operation to demilitarise and "denazify" the country, a line rejected by Kyiv and the West as baseless war propaganda. The Kremlin on Tuesday repeated its assertions that the operation was going according to plan."
NATO-Secretary-GeneralBBC:"Nato's secretary general Jens Stoltenberg is just speaking in Brussels, where foreign ministers from the security alliance are gathering this afternoon. "We have seen no indication that President Putin has changed his ambition to control the whole of Ukraine and rewrite the international order," he says. The secretary general says that Nato needs to support Ukraine, sustain the sanctions on Russia and strengthen its own defences and deterrents. He says the conflict may last a long time "and we need to be prepared for that"
CNN:"He helped decode texts from January 6th. What he found scared him Anderson Cooper 360 Denver Riggleman, a former Republican congressman who helped the January 6 committee link text messages sent to and from Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, tells CNN's Anderson Cooper what scared him about what he uncovered about the January 6 insurrection." Riggleman said reviewing the texts started with bemusement which turned to horror. The texts reveal a roadmap from November 3rd and 4th all the way to the end. The horror was the fact that the upper levels of the government and the Republican party were inundated with qanon and other conspiracy theories all the way to the top, using language that this was a holy war and a call to arms this was our Omaha Beach. You have a text from Ginny Thomas, the wife of a Supreme Court Justice saying I hope the following is true:
The-US-Department-Of-Justice "Washington (CNN)The Justice Department on Monday charged the head of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, and four other leaders with seditious conspiracy in the January 6 US Capitol attack, escalating the criminal case against the far-right extremist group. These are the most aggressive charges brought by the Justice Department against the Proud Boys, and are the first allegations by prosecutors that the group tried to oppose by force the presidential transfer of power. Tarrio and his co-defendants previously pleaded not guilty to an earlier slate of charges. The new indictment adds fresh details about what Proud Boys leaders said on January 6, 2021. Prosecutors accuse the five defendants of working together to intimidate members of Congress and law enforcement and prompt them to flee, thereby preventing them from performing their official duties. .."
putler-the-imperialist CNN:"...Russia's offensive in the east is playing out as international media attention on Ukraine recedes somewhat from the headlines. And that may be what Putin is counting on, perhaps mindful that high energy costs and rising consumer prices -- both of which have been exacerbated by the war in Ukraine -- are more likely to concentrate public opinion (and drive election outcomes) in the United States and elsewhere.Putin may also be counting on short diplomatic attention spans. This is the same Russian leader who doubled down on his support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2015 after Damascus suffered a string of defeats. That war -- now entering its 12th year -- has continued even as the world's attention has shifted to Ukraine...Putin has a much more open-ended timeline for his war in Ukraine. Ukrainians, in contrast, fear international fatigue may set in, leading the international community to press their government to make concessions to Putin. "
"WASHINGTON, June 7 (Reuters) - North Korea could conduct a seventh nuclear test at "any time" and has shown no interest in returning to negotiations, the U.S. Special Representative for North Korea said on Tuesday. North Korea has test-launched an unprecedented number of ballistic missiles this year and its officials have also used rhetoric that could suggest plans for the use of tactical nuclear weapons, Sung Kim told reporters.Kim reiterated U.S. assessments that North Korea was preparing to conduct a seventh nuclear test. Asked when that might happen, he said: "I don't have anything more. They've obviously done the preparations..., and my understanding is they could test any time." .."
PUTLER AKA VLAD THE MAD IMPERIALIST REUTERS:"Long before Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the mass detentions of Russian peace protesters, the Kremlin was already stifling dissent - with choking bureaucracy. Throughout 2021, the Kremlin tightened the screws on its opponents – including supporters of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny – using a combination of arrests, internet censorship and blacklists. The crackdown accelerated after Russia invaded Ukraine...."
THE-DOJ-FBI "The FBI is engaged in a nationwide effort to build public awareness of hate crimes and encourage reporting to law enforcement. Hate crimes are the highest priority of the FBI’s civil rights program because of the devastating impact they have on families and communities. Hate crimes are not only an attack on the victim—they are meant to threaten and intimidate an entire community. “Hate crimes are the top priority within the FBI’s Civil Rights Program, due to the devastating impact these types of crimes have on communities. One act can terrorize entire communities and groups of people,”said FBI Associate Deputy Director Jeffrey Sallet. “There’s simply no place in this country for hate and intolerance.... "
PRESIDENT.GOV.UA:"Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians! Today was a long and very important day of our foreign policy activity. A conference devoted to the recovery of Ukraine started in Lugano, Switzerland. I want to point out right away that when they talk about recovery, they often put the emphasis incorrectly. It is not only about what we should do after our victory or in the following years, but also about what we need to do right now. Ukrainian forces liberated more than a thousand settlements from the occupiers, and new ones are added every week. Now, for example, in the south of our country. All of them suffered large-scale destruction. And this also means the need for colossal funds for the restoration of infrastructure, for the return of medicine and social services, for the restoration of normal economic life. There are tens of thousands of destroyed houses alone in the liberated areas. And we also need to prepare schools and universities for the new academic year in the entire free territory of the country and in new conditions of constant threat, in particular missile strikes... We must already prepare for the winter and do everything so that we pass this winter calmly from the point of view of energy despite the threats Russia creates every day. .. "
  • Russia says it now controls the whole of the Luhansk region, in eastern Ukraine after capturing the final holdout of Lysychansk
  • Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu informed President Vladimir Putin that Luhansk had been "liberated", the defence ministry said
  • But Yuriy Sak, an adviser to Ukraine's defence minister, has told the BBC that Lysychansk is not under the "full control" of Russian forces, despite Moscow's claims
  • He added that the situation had been "very intense for quite a while now" with Russian ground forces "attacking the city non-stop".
  • Elsewhere, at least six people were killed and 15 injured in Ukraine's eastern city of Slovyansk following intense shelling by Russian troops
CNN:" CNN:"Russia’s war in Ukraine is the “greatest threat to the world order,” US Ambassador Nicholas Burns said at a forum in Beijing on Monday — a rare event that saw Burns seated on a panel alongside his Russian counterpart for a diplomatic debate. “The fact that Russia crossed the border with an armed force, unprovoked, and has started this war with so much human suffering, so many innocent civilians dead in Ukraine — this is a direct violation of the United Nations charter, it is a direct violation of what the Russian Federation signed up to when it became a member state,” Burns said at the discussion, which was hosted by Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University and the World Peace Forum..."
CNN:"Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese visited the Kyiv region on Sunday, travelling to Bucha, Hostomel and Irpin, before meeting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Kyiv Governor Olexiy Kuleba said on his official Telegram channel. Kuleba said Albanese expressed Australia's solidarity with Ukraine and the crimes committed in the Kyiv region. According to Kuleba, Albanese was “stunned by what he saw: ruined civilian buildings, traces of mines, the ruined Antonov Airport.” Albanese then announced a new assistance package to Ukraine, according to a statement from the Prime Minister's office.
" REUTERS:"KYIV/POKROVSK, Ukraine, June 26 (Reuters) - Russian missiles hit an apartment block and kindergarten in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Sunday, in strikes U.S. President Joe Biden condemned as "barbarism" as world leaders gathered in Europe to discuss further sanctions against Moscow. Up to four explosions shook central Kyiv in the early hours, in the first such attack on the city in weeks. read more "The Russians hit Kyiv again. Missiles damaged an apartment building and a kindergarten," said Andriy Yermak, head of the president's administration..."
CNN:"Some countries invited to participate in the G7 summit in Germany “will have to choose sides” as the war in Ukraine continues to rage on, an Élysée source told journalists on Monday. “It is the stability of the international order that is at stake,” the Élysée source said. Germany, host country of the G7 summit, has invited Argentina, India, Indonesia, Senegal and South Africa to join the summit. Some of the invitees, such as India, have yet to condemn Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Sessions on Monday afternoon are open to invited countries. French President Emmanuel Macron is scheduled to meet with the presidents of Indonesia and South Africa separately this afternoon. "
CNN:"Telfs-Buchen, Austria (CNN)... Speaking to Jake Tapper on CNN's "State of the Union" hours after Russian missiles hit Kyiv, shattering what had been relative calm in the Ukrainian capital, Johnson urged Americans, Britons and others in the West to maintain resolve in punishing Moscow, despite the effect the war has had on global oil prices.
BBC:"The West must prepare to continue supporting Ukraine in a war lasting for years, Nato's chief has warned. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the costs of war were high, but the price of letting Moscow achieve its military goals was even greater. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also warned of a longer-term conflict. And in a stark warning, the newly appointed head of the British Army said the UK and allies needed to be capable of winning a ground war with Russia."
putler-the-mad-imperialist CNN:"(CNN)Russia will transfer nuclear-capable Iskander-M missile systems to its ally Belarus over the coming months, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday. Putin told Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting in St. Petersburg the missile systems "can use both ballistic and cruise missiles, both in conventional and nuclear versions," according to the Kremlin.
BBC:"The Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, has told the BBC the Russian public will eventually realise their young soldiers are dying for nothing more than Russian President Vladimir Putin's ambitions. The former world heavyweight boxing champion was attending the funeral of a well-known 24-year-old anti-corruption activist when the remarks were made. Volunteer soldier Roman Ratushny was killed in Izyum, in the Kharkiv region, on 9 June. Mayor Klitschko, who won legions of fans across the world during his long record-breaking career, said the Russian leader was destroying millions of lives in both Ukraine and his own country. "This is also a tragedy for Russians and for the Russian Federation. The people do not understand that right now, but I am sure they will realise very soon the reality. The Russians die - for what? The ambition of Putin?" The mayor was among hundreds of mourners who turned out to pay their respects to Mr Ratushny - who came to prominence during pro-democracy protests in 2013 against the pro-Moscow former Ukrainian government..."
CNN:"(CNN)Ukraine's bid to join the European Union received a major boost on Friday morning, after the bloc's executive said it believed the country should be formally considered for candidate status in the wake of Russia's invasion. Speaking in Brussels, the European Commission's President Ursula von der Leyen said the Commission recommends "that Ukraine is given candidate status. This is of course on the understanding that the country will carry out a number of further reforms."
CNN:"Hong Kong (CNN)When Russian President Vladimir Putin dials into the virtual BRICS summit hosted by Beijing on Thursday, it will be his first time attending a forum with the heads of major economies since launching an invasion of Ukraine earlier this year...."

BBC:"A journalist who quit her job at Russian state-controlled TV channel back in March over the invasion of Ukraine has told Russian audiences to switch off their television sets. "Just don't listen, find other sources of information," Zhanna Agalakova said in an interview with BBC Newsnight. "The war is evil, the war is death". ...
CNN:"Russia's actions in Ukraine provide enough evidence to conclude that Moscow is inciting genocide and committing atrocities intended to destroy the Ukrainian people, according to the first independent report into allegations of genocide in that country..."
BBC:"The prime minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, has met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on an unannounced trip to Kyiv. She also visited the devastated Ukrainian towns of Irpin and Bucha, according to the local authorities. Marin was seen wearing a bullet-proof vest, walking with officials and soldiers. The prime minister recently announced Finland's historic decision to apply for Nato membership.
CNN:"A Ukrainian lawmaker called on the United States to provide air defense systems and fighter jets to Ukraine, saying that the situation on the battlefield is "far worse" than it was at the beginning of the war. “For us time means lives, thousands of lives.
"BERLIN, May 12 (Reuters) - Russia, not Ukraine, needs de-Nazification, the leader of anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot, who left Russia this week by disguising herself as a food courier, said before her group kicks off a concert tour against the war. .."
CNN:"(CNN)Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine has backfired on a number of fronts. But one of the most disastrous consequences of all for the Russian President is the increasingly likely prospect of Finland joining NATO. "
BBC:"Russia should be expelled from Ukraine and "pushed back to Russia", Estonia's prime minister has said. Kaja Kallas said western countries should share her aim that Ukraine wins the war and Putin loses. But she says keeping unity will become more difficult as the war goes on. "If there is some kind of peace agreement, everybody stays where they are, then the [Russian] aggression really pays off," she told the BBC's Newshour. "Not only do you take neighbour's land by force but you also appease in the end and we shouldn't allow that." She said European security was at stake, adding "we all need to have this understanding that our neighbour's problem today is our problem tomorrow". .."
CNN:"The prosecutor general of Ukraine said her office is opening new cases of alleged war crimes by Russian forces, with a total of 9,158 criminal cases "involving purely war crimes."
BBC:"Kira Glodan, a three-month-old baby, is one of the latest victims in the war in Ukraine. She was killed along with her mother and grandmother in a Russian missile strike in Odesa..”
WHAT THE BUTCHER OF SYRIA HAS DONE BBC:"US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has said the appointment of a Russian general dubbed the "Butcher of Syria" to oversee its war in Ukraine is "consistent" with its handling of the war.... General Alexander Dvornikov, 60, previously led Russian operations in Syria, where Russian forces have been accused of deliberate targeting of civilian areas. He'd previously also served in Chechnya.
BBC:"Russian forces executed civilians in various locations in the Kyiv region, according to new testimony published by Amnesty International.
REUTERS:A woman carries her cat as she walks past buildings that were destroyed by Russian shelling...
CNN:"(CNN)The House passed a bipartisan bill on Friday to address gun violence that amounts to the first major federal gun safety legislation in decades. Now that the House has approved the measure, it will go to President Joe Biden to be signed into law, marking a significant bipartisan breakthrough on one of the most contentious policy issues in Washington. .."
BLOOMBERG:" US index futures and European equities fell as concern over the possibility of a recession outweighed optimism over US-China talks aimed at tariff reductions. The euro fell to a 20-year low against the dollar. Contracts on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 indexes dropped at least 0.6% each as US markets were set to return after Independence Day holiday. European stocks tied to economic activity, such as carmakers and commodity companies, posted the biggest losses among peers. Investors rushed to the safety of the greenback, while a selloff in Treasuries eased. US and Chinese officials held discussions amid reports Washington may roll back some of the trade levies imposed by former President Donald Trump. While that came as a relief, investors continued to fret over a potential US recession, stubborn inflation and monetary tightening. Economic reports in Europe, including French purchasing managers’ indexes, came in below estimates. “The Fed will likely remain aggressive in its fight against inflation for now,” said Joachim Klement, head of strategy, accounting and sustainability at Liberum Capital. “At the same time, European growth is slowing down fast. This just puts additional fire on the growth concerns about the US.”. ."
THE-CLEAR-AND-PRESENT-DANGER-PERSONIFIEDABCNEWS:" "The Justice Department should not avoid prosecuting Donald Trump in relation to the Jan. 6 Capitol attack if a prosecution is warranted, Rep. Liz Cheney said in an interview with ABC News' "This Week" co-anchor Jonathan Karl. While bringing charges against the former president -- who may challenge President Joe Biden in 2024 -- would be unprecedented and "difficult" for the country, not doing so would support a "much graver constitutional threat," Cheney said Wednesday in an interview at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library that aired Sunday on "This Week." "Are you worried about what that means for the country, to [see] a former president prosecuted? A former president who was a likely candidate; who may in fact be running for president against Biden?" Karl asked Cheney."I think it's a much graver constitutional threat if a president can engage in these kinds of activities, and the majority of the president's party looks away; or we as a country decide we're not actually going to take our constitutional obligations seriously," Cheney said. "I think that's a much, a much more serious threat." "I really believe we have to make these decisions, as difficult as it is, apart from politics. We really have to think about these from the perspective of: What does it mean for the country?" she said..." ."
"WASHINGTON, June 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday dramatically increased the power of states over Native American tribes and undercut its own 2020 ruling that had expanded tribal authority in Oklahoma, handing a victory to Republican officials in that state. In a 5-4 decision authored by conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the court ruled in favor of Oklahoma in its bid to prosecute Victor Castro-Huerta, a non-Native American convicted of child neglect in a crime committed against a Native American child - his 5-year-old stepdaughter - on the Cherokee Nation reservation." Until now, states generally lacked jurisdiction over such crimes, which were prosecuted by the federal government. The change of course only two years after the July 2020 ruling in a case called McGirt v. Oklahoma was made possible by conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett's October 2020 appointment by Republican former President Donald Trump to replace the late liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who had been in the majority in that decision." As in Dobbs this Court seems quick to overturn established precedent using its virtually absolute power to further the political agenda of its conservative majority. Historically since the Civil Rights movement the Court has used its logic to increase the rights of indivduals and minorities. Now it is contracting those rights in a totally arbitrary and capricious manner.“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely..." Lord Acton
"(CNN)They are the backbone of America's democracy, and now, because Donald Trump threw the full power of the presidency behind his vicious intimidation of election workers and officials, they are afraid to even say their names in public. Reluctantly, Wandrea "Shaye" Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman on Tuesday joined a pantheon of heroes who have defended the country's core right to vote after relating the terrifying price they paid, simply for doing their duty to ensure free and fair elections in Georgia..."
CNN:"(CNN)Tuesday's January 6 select committee hearing featured election administration officials who were berated by former President Donald Trump and his cluster of election denying confederates for refusing to abet in his attempt to steal the 2020 presidential election. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, his deputy Gabriel Sterling and Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers became famous to varying degrees for simply upholding their oaths of office and doing their jobs without fear or favor...All three witnesses told their stories and acquitted themselves well during the hearing. They deserve special commendation for their devotion to duty, placing country above mindless partisanship in defense of democracy... "
CNN.." After having seen everything so far including the hearing today that focused so much on trump causing violence against Pence do you believe that trump himself knowingly committed a crime?" Professor Tribe, who is an authority on Constitutional Law stated "without a doubt beyond a reasonable doubt beyond any doubt and the crimes are obvious; the most obvious being he was ordering the Vice President that everyone in the room knew to be illegal namely to pick the next President...Ordering your Vice President to violate the law in order to stay in power is a very serious Federal crime. I do believe that Merrick Garland will approve charges against this president. I think he knows deep in his heart and as a lawyer that the rule of law will not survive and that as Judge Michael Luttig said today that we are still in a situation where the former president is a clear and present danger to the survival to the Republic" "
charlie-dent CNN:"...In the last decade, the fringe elements within the party have increasingly dominated the GOP's narrative. This problem will persist unless the decent people of the Republican Party stand up, speak out and lead from a position of strength instead of fear. And the way to defeat fringe elements who instigate and launch primaries is to fight them. Full stop. Trump remains a dangerous political figure, despite his diminishing stature. But he and the extremists are outnumbered. The more good Republicans publicly speak out against extremism, the more likely Trump's grip on the GOP can be broken. It's called leadership, and it's liberating. It certainly beats cowering in fear. .."
George-F-Will CNN:"Anderson asks George Will if is he worried about democracy: Hear his reply. Contrary to the myth today Americans are quite willing to confront their mistakes. On balance our progress is stunning. The discord today is unsightly awful and childish but we've seen worse. I don't think our democracy is in danger of death but I do think it is in danger ofo being attenuated and weakened. Democracy depends upon above all else on a culture of persuasion of conversation .."
 AND PUTIN THE PRICK "(CNN)As President Joe Biden meets European leaders this week at G7 and NATO summits, all will be trying hard to project an image of unity. They will have their work cut out for them. Back in February, the West impressed the world with its resolute rally behind Ukraine in the face of Russia's brutal aggression. From Washington to Warsaw, leaders from across the political spectrum seemed to be singing in rare harmony. Four months later, what's striking is how quickly divisions have resurfaced -- both among countries and within them...As inflation surges, Covid-19 mutates and economies teeter on the edge of recession, Western leaders hardly look up to the task of defending the free world.
CNN:"A 20-year veteran of Russia's diplomatic service announced his resignation Monday in protest of his country's war on Ukraine, multiple media outlets reported..."The aggressive war unleashed by Putin against Ukraine, and in fact against the entire Western world, is not only a crime against the Ukrainian people, but also, perhaps, the most serious crime against the people of Russia, with a bold letter Z crossing out all hopes and prospects for a prosperous free society in our country.".."Those who conceived this war want only one thing - to remain in power forever, live in pompous tasteless palaces, sail on yachts comparable in tonnage and cost to the entire Russian Navy, enjoying unlimited power and complete impunity. To achieve that they are willing to sacrifice as many lives as it takes. Thousands of Russians and Ukrainians have already died just for this."..
ALJAZEERA:"Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny has been abruptly transferred from a prison where he was serving his sentence to an undisclosed location, according to his allies. Navalny, Russia's most prominent opposition leader, has cast President Vladimir Putin’s Russia as a dystopian state run by thieves and criminals where wrong is portrayed as right and judges are in fact representatives of a doomed elite.Navalny’s top aide informed about the transfer on the Telegram app on Tuesday. Just last month, Navalny lambasted Putin via video link in a Russian court, saying the Kremlin chief started a “stupid war” that was butchering the innocent people of both Ukraine and Russia. When his lawyer arrived at Correctional Colony No 2, a prison camp in Pokrov, 119km (74 miles) east of Moscow, he was told, “There is no such convict here,” according to Navalny's chief of staff Leonid Volkov. “Where Alexey is now, and which colony he is being taken to, we don’t know,” Volkov said in a statement on Telegram..."
putler-the-lying-imperialist ALJAZEERA:"Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday said his country’s military action in Ukraine was not responsible for the global food crisis, claiming that the West was preventing the export of Russian grain. “The food market is unbalanced in the most serious way,” Putin said, addressing a “BRICS Plus” virtual summit that brought together the leaders of 17 countries, including China, India, Brazil and South Africa..."THEGUARDIAN: The Russian navy has been given orders to lay mines at the ports of Odesa and Ochakiv, and has already mined the Dnieper River, as part of a blockade of Ukrainian grain exports, according to newly declassified US intelligence." Putin is the root cause of the suffering in Ukraine and the world and is using developing nations to put pressure on the West to get what he wants, i.e. satisfying his imperial ambitions. Russian soldiers should revolt against putler and his cronies and restore sanity. The West and developing nations should support Ukraine's fight to maintain its sovereignty. The world needs to unite against putlers imperialism to feed the people and restore peace.
CNN:"...India's tragedy is not that it's the worst place in the world -- it's that we are on our way there. We're burning down our house. India is an experiment that is failing dangerously," she told CNN. "Many, many of my beloved friends -- poets, writers, professors, lawyers, human rights activists and journalists -- are in prison, most of them charged under a dreaded law called the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, all of them for speaking up for minorities, Dalits and forest-dwellers facing displacement and state terror."Among them are people I consider to be India's most important minds. It makes one wonder what living as a free person in the time of fascism means. What does it mean to be a bestselling author when the world is breaking?" writes Roy. In this email interview with CNN Opinion, Roy says Indian politics has something in common with the US Capitol riots, that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is stoking hatred, and talks about who the real power in India lies with.CNN: What does this incident involving BJP officials' comments about the Prophet Mohammed reveal about Indian politics today? Roy: It reveals how successfully the clear and present existential threat posed by Hindu nationalism in India has been masked by the face it presents to the outside world..."
GET REAL: TAIWAN HAS NEVER BEEN A PART OF THE PRC- YOU SOUND LIKE YOUR BUDDY VLAD THE MAD PUTLER CNN:"Singapore (CNN)Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe on Sunday accused the United States of being a "bully" and "hijacking" countries around the region, during a combative speech in which he said his country would "fight to the very end" to stop Taiwanese independence. Seoul, South Korea (CNN)A total of 29 Chinese warplanes entered Taiwan's self-declared air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Tuesday, according to the island's Defense Ministry. The Defense Ministry said the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force planes were a mix of fighter jets, early warning and control aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft, anti-submarine aircraft, electronic intelligence aircraft, and aerial refueling aircraft. It was the third-highest daily number of Chinese jets entering Taiwan's ADIZ since the start of the year and comes less than a month after China sent 30 warplanes on a similar mission."
Tuvalu-FM-Simon-Kofe"WELLINGTON, June 27 (Reuters) - The foreign minister of Tuvalu pulled out of the United Nations Ocean Conference opening in Portugal on Monday after China blocked the participation of three Taiwanese included in the tiny Pacific island nation's delegation list, according to Radio New Zealand. Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory, is not a member of the United Nations and its citizens are unable to attend U.N. events as representatives of Taiwan."..The nation of 12,000 people has had diplomatic ties with Taiwan since 1979, and is one of 14 countries that continues to have diplomatic relations with Taiwan rather than China...Taiwan's Foreign Ministry thanked Tuvalu for its support, and expressed condemnation of China. "China's arbitrary pressure on (U.N.) member states has only once again revealed its nasty nature," the ministry said.. ."
mad-dog-medvedev-imperialist"June 28 (Reuters) - Any encroachment on the Crimea peninsula by a NATO member-state could amount to a declaration of war on Russia which could lead to "World War Three," Russia's former president, Dmitry Medvedev, was quoted as saying on Monday...Medvedev, now deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, also said that if Finland and Sweden joined NATO, Russia would strengthen its borders and would be "ready for retaliatory steps," and that could include the prospect of installing Iskander hypersonic missiles "on their threshold.".
CNNBUSINESS:"(CNN)Millions of people struggled to pay their rent during the pandemic. But that hardship fell disproportionately on renters of color, those living with children and people renting in the South, according to an exclusive new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The number of renters that fell behind on rent peaked at 15 million in January 2021, the report showed. Since then, federal aid programs -- including billions of dollars in rent relief and an eviction moratorium -- plus a recovering economy, have reduced that number. But there remained 10.4 million renters who said they are not caught up on rent as of March
putos-wars CNN:"Look back at Russia's armed conflicts since Putin took office Anderson Cooper 360 CNN's Matthew Chance takes a look at the career of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the parallels of a number of wars Russia has been involved in the past and the war in Ukraine today.Source: CNN”
NPR: Russian mercenaries are also active in Libya, Sudan, Mali and the CAR.
The Seal of the CISA CISA:"This joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA)—authored by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and National Security Agency (NSA)—is part of our continuing cybersecurity mission to warn organizations of cyber threats and help the cybersecurity community reduce the risk presented by these threats. This CSA provides an overview of Russian state-sponsored cyber operations ; commonly observed tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs);detection actions; incident response guidance; and mitigations...."
HEY-HEY-RISE-UP BBC:"Legendary British rock band Pink Floyd has released a song in support of Ukraine. The track is called "Hey Hey Rise Up". It features the vocals of Andriy Khlyvnyuk, from Ukrainian band Boombox. Pink Floyd band member David Gilmour said he was inspired by a video on Instagram by Khlyvnyuk, who is currently serving in Kyiv's defence, in which he sings in an empty Sofia Square in the Ukrainian capital. Gilmour wrote the music for the song, and then spoke by phone to Khlyvnyuk in hospital, where he is recovering from injuries. "I played a little on the phone and he gave me his blessing We both hope to do something together in person in the future,"said the British musician. This is Pink Floyd's first song since 1994, and all proceeds from the sale will go to humanitarian aid for Ukraine.. .”
the-demonic-demagogue-talking-shit-again "(CNN)Former President Donald Trump was 0-3 in three high-profile legal battles this week, with new rulings that boosted significant cases his opponents have brought against him. Perhaps the most significant of all the courtroom defeats suffered recently by Trump was a judge's refusal Friday to dismiss several civil lawsuits filed against him for his alleged role in the January 6 US Capitol attack. In the 112-page opinion, US District Judge Amit Mehta said that Trump could face trial for his conduct around last year's insurrection. ..."
CNN:"Measuring the expansion rate of the universe was one of the Hubble Space Telescope's main goals when it was launched in 1990. Over the past 30 years, the space observatory has helped scientists discover and refine that accelerating rate -- as well as uncover a mysterious wrinkle that only brand-new physics may solve. Hubble has observed more than 40 galaxies that include pulsating stars as well as exploding stars called supernovae to measure even greater cosmic distances. Both of these phenomena help astronomers to mark astronomical distances like mile markers, which have pointed to the expansion rate. In the quest to understand how quickly our universe expands, astronomers already made one unexpected discovery in 1998: "dark energy." This phenomenon acts as a mysterious repulsive force that accelerates the expansion rate.And there is another twist: an unexplained difference between the expansion rate of the local universe versus that of the distant universe right after the big bang. Scientists don't understand the discrepancy, but acknowledge that it's weird and could require new physics. .. "
lavrov "LONDON, March 18 (Reuters) - Russia has lost any illusions about ever relying on the West and Moscow will never accept a world order dominated by the United States, which is acting like a sheriff seeking to call all the shots in a saloon bar, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said..." The Kremlin is acting like a school yard bully that needs to get his ass kicked until he learns how to play nice. Why have so many former soviet states asked to join NATO? Because they have no illusions about putler's desire to re-establish the USSR.
Bridging the Global Wealth Gap Bloomberg New Economy Forum: Bridging the Global Wealth Gap: "IBM Executive Chair Ginni Rometty, McDonald's Corp. CEO Chris Kempxzinski, Singapore Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratmnam and Blackstone Group Inc. Chairman and CEO Stephen Schwarzman discuss the task of rebuilding the economy and the best path to prosperity for low-income workers. The destruction of covid-19 comes on top of a slow burn that affects the middle class a long period stagnation of imcomes diminishing jobs in the middle and polarization of the job market. Then you have the problem lower down, where there are low skill service jobs, and loss of the sense of being able to move up to a middle class life... "
Grand Ayatollah Ali-Al-Sistani and Pope Francis ABCNews:"PLAINS OF UR, Iraq -- Pope Francis walked through a narrow alley in Iraq’s holy city of Najaf for a historic meeting with the country’s top Shiite cleric Saturday, and together they delivered a powerful message of peaceful coexistence in a country still reeling from back-to-back conflicts over the past decade. In a gesture both simple and profound, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani welcomed Francis into his spartan home. The 90-year-old cleric, one of the most eminent among Shiites worldwide, afterward said Christians should live in peace in Iraq and enjoy the same rights as other Iraqis. The Vatican said Francis thanked al-Sistani for having “raised his voice in defense of the weakest and most persecuted” during some of the most violent times in Iraq’s recent history... "
afghan-militia NBCNEWS:"The Taliban’s swift conquest is attributable to many factors. But one that crosses multiple administrations yet is getting very little attention right now is corruption. Specifically, the kind of corruption the U.S. aided and abetted over many years, glad-handing crooked officials and stalling anti-corruption investigations, as ordinary Afghans struggled and watched officials grow wealthier and wealthier. While corruption can hardly be described as the sole reason for the Afghan government’s disintegration, it is a consistent through-line of multiple American administrations — and an element that the U.S. has consistently overlooked.It’s not like the U.S. was unaware of the kind of corruption that exploded during the American occupation, or of the role that Washington played in fueling the kleptocratic graft. ..."
protests-of-rape-and-murder-of-9-year-old "NEW DELHI, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Protesters gathered in India's capital on Thursday outside a crematorium where a nine-year-old girl was allegedly raped and murdered, the latest in a series of brutal sexual crimes against women in India that have drawn international condemnation. Police allege that the girl was killed after she went to fetch water on Sunday from the crematorium near her house in New Delhi's Cantonment area. Her family said that when the girl did not return, they went looking for her, claiming they saw some of the alleged perpetrators who worked at the crematorium incinerating her body against the family's wishes. read more The incident drew domestic and international outrage, with the safety of women and girls in India a key political issue since the 2012 gang-rape and murder of a 23-year-old student on a bus in Delhi..."
national-memorial-to-lives-lost-to-covidAP:"As President Donald Trump entered the final year of his term last January, the U.S. recorded its first confirmed case of COVID-19. Not to worry, Trump insisted, his administration had the virus “totally under control.” Now, in his final hours in office, after a year of presidential denials of reality and responsibility, the pandemic’s U.S. death toll has eclipsed 400,000. And the loss of lives is accelerating.

the_coronavirus NBCNEWS:"Anti-vaccine Facebook groups have a new message for their community members: Don’t go to the emergency room, and get your loved ones out of intensive care units. .."Moreover, the source of much of the misinformation about vaccines comes from an unobvious source: the Russian government’s propaganda apparatus, which cultivates and exploits foreign anti-vaccine “useful idiots,” causing palpable harm to Americans and citizens of other Western countries." In addition, the..."anti-mask movement in many ways, shares similarities with that of the anti-vaccine movement..."
kenosha-county-jail NBCNEWS:"Years of housing segregation and redlining have contributed to Wisconsin imprisoning its Black residents at a rate higher than any other state in the country, criminal justice experts say. One in every 36 Black people are currently in prison in the state, according to a report from The Sentencing Project, a group that advocates for reduced incarceration. Black people represent 42 percent of the state’s total prison population despite accounting for only 6 percent of the total population. The report, which uses data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, also found that Black Wisconsinites are also nearly 12 times as likely as their white counterparts to be imprisoned, well above the national average and behind only New Jersey in the rate of racial disparity between Black people and white people..."
goldberg-causes-outrage "(CNN)"The View" moderator Whoopi Goldberg has provoked outrage for repeatedly asserting that "the Holocaust isn't about race." In Nazi Germany, Jewish people were considered a "race" -- the Nazis attributed many negative stereotypes about Jews to "an unchanging biologically determined heritage," according to the US Holocaust Museum. When Goldberg again insisted that the Holocaust wasn't about race, some of her co-hosts began challenging her statements. Behar responded that the Nazis considered Jews to be a different race, while Ana Navarro noted that the Holocaust was "about White supremacy" with the Nazis killing both Jewish and Roma people. Sara Haines added that the Nazis did not view Jews as White. Still, Goldberg continued to insist that the underlying issue was one of "how people treat each other" and the segment concluded shortly after..."
pro-trump-nuts MSN/SALON:"... At least 57 state and local officials from 27 different states traveled to the "Stop the Steal" rally on the morning of Jan. 6, HuffPost reported in February. The list included at least 20 Republican state legislators, a state attorney general, six county commissioners, seven city council members, two mayors, three school board members and two state Republican chairs. Four of the GOP officials have been charged with participating in the riot. Two organizers of the Jan. 6 rally also vowed to provide information about White House officials and House Republicans who participated in rally planning meetings. One organizer told Rolling Stone last month that "Marjorie Taylor Greene specifically," along with "close to a dozen other members," were involved in the planning. Other lawmakers named by the organizers included Reps. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., Mo Brooks, R-Ala., Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., and Louie Gohmert, R-Texas. Gosar, one of the organizers said, even floated "blanket pardons" in a separate investigation to urge them to organize the rallies. The organizers also said that White House chief of staff Mark Meadows played a "major role" in the discussions..."
repeat-hatch-act-offenders WASHINGTONPOST:"At least 13 senior Trump administration officials illegally mixed governing with campaigning before the 2020 election, intentionally ignoring a law that prohibits merging the two and getting approval to break it, a federal investigation released Tuesday found. A report from the office of Special Counsel Henry Kerner describes a “willful disregard for the law” known as the Hatch Act that was “especially pernicious,” given that many officials abused their government roles days before the November election. President Donald Trump — whose job it was to discipline his political appointees — allowed them to illegally promote his reelection on the job despite warnings to some from ethics officials, the report says. “This failure to impose discipline created the conditions for what appeared to be a taxpayer-funded campaign apparatus within the upper echelons of the executive branch,” .."
Sen-Amy-Klobuchar "WASHINGTON, Nov 22 (Reuters) - The leaders of a Senate committee on Monday urged the Federal Election Assistance Commission to help election officials around the country tap federal money to strengthen security during a wave of threats and harassment following the 2020 U.S. election. "This onslaught of threats against election workers is unacceptable and raises serious concerns about the ability to recruit and retain election workers needed to administer future elections," the Rules Committee's Democratic chairwoman, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and top Republican, Senator Roy Blunt, said in a letter to the U.S. agency overseeing election administration.The senators asked the agency to provide state and local election officials with information on how to use federal election funds to improve security.They also asked it to provide guidance on other resources available "for identifying and responding to potential threats." The letter follows a series of Reuters stories documenting a campaign of fear waged against frontline election administrators inspired by former President Donald Trump's relentless false claims that the 2020 vote was "rigged" against him. Reuters has documented nearly 800 intimidating messages to election officials in 12 states, including more than 100 that could warrant prosecution, according to legal experts..."
Col(Ret)-Ed-Shames-101st-Airborne "(CNN)Col. Edward Shames, the last surviving officer of the historic World War II parachute infantry regiment of the US Army known as Easy Company, died Friday at the age of 99. Shames "passed away peacefully at home," said the obituary posted by the Hollomon-Brown Funeral Home & Crematory. During World War II, Shames "was a member of the renowned Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division now known globally as the 'Band of Brothers,'" according to the obituary. The story of Easy Company was later immortalized in the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers," based on The New York Times bestseller by Stephen E. Ambrose. (CNN and HBO are part of WarnerMedia.) Shames "was involved in some of the most important battles of the war. He made his first combat jump into Normandy on D-Day as part of Operation Overlord," according to the obituary. Shames "gained a reputation as a stubborn and very outspoken soldier who demanded the highest of standards from himself and his fellow soldiers," it said."In Germany, he was the first member of the 101st to enter Dachau concentration camp, just days after its liberation," said the obituary...After the war, Shames worked as an expert on Middle East affairs with the National Security Agency. He later served in the US Army Reserve Division and retired as a colonel..."
CNN+TheBigPicture: For years poison murder and imprisonment were used by the kremlin to stifle and eliminate the oppostion. Putin made no secret of his intentions. When he was elected in 2000 he reinstated stalin's soviet national anthem and proceeded to crush independent media, opposition organizations, falsify elections and poisioned, murdered and imprisoned political opponents, while the west turned a blind eye. Now, finally the west realizes the murderous nature of the kremlin. Kura-Murza made it clear to distinguish Russia from the kremlin. The reason why many opponents stay in Russia is because the kremlin wants them to leave so they will no longer be effective. "We are Russian poiticians and this is our country and we are not willing to give it away to murderers and soundrels." Putin will fail and there will be a democratic Russia after putin and we have to prepare for the integration of a democratic russia now.

CNN: Kara-Murza was detained outside of his apartment building in Moscow on Monday hours after he was interviewed by Sara Sidner on CNN. Sidner stated that a lot of people are worried what is going to happen next.
CNN:"Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny has issued a series of tweets urging a new front of "truth and free information" against Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he calls the "war criminal from the Kremlin." Navalny said that "Russia has shut down and blocked ALL independent media, including the rather cautious ones, in just a month and a half...he acknowledged that the shutdown is "slowly doing [its] job," as most Russians "have a completely distorted view of what is happening in Ukraine." Navalny called for a new campaign to get the facts in front of the Russian public, saying that "more than 85% of Russian adults still use @YouTube, @instagram, @WhatsApp, @Google and Facebook (@Meta) every day." "We need ads. Lots of ads. A huge national anti-war campaign will start with an advertising campaign," he said.
CNN:"Analysis: Why Russian TV propaganda is crucial to understanding the war in Ukraine Analysis from CNN's Brian Stelter "Russians who get their truth from the state media are living in an alternate reality," Madeline Roache says. Every day Roache watches the morning "news" on Channel One, a top Russian state TV channel. She tracks the narratives that Russian viewers are hearing. And she writes a report for NewsGuard — a startup that rates the reliability of news sources — about the "alternative reality." Overall, Roache told CNN, on state-run TV, "the Russian army is portrayed as triumphant — as not sustaining any losses, any casualties, and is certainly not committing any atrocities. Meanwhile, according to the state media, it's the Ukrainian army committing atrocities, killing civilians, sustaining heavy losses and losing territory to the Russian forces."
BBC:"The world was stunned when Russia invaded Crimea, but should it have been? Author and journalist Oliver Bullough says President Vladimir Putin never kept secret his intention to restore Russian power - what's less clear, he says, is how long the country's rise can continue....As a middle-ranking KGB officer who loved the Soviet Union, Putin lacked the perspective of senior officers, who knew full well the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its own inefficiency rather than because of Western plotting, Bukovsky says. .."
PUTLER THE NEO-IMPERIALIST BBC:"Finland says applying to join Nato is all about defence. But Vladimir Putin doesn’t see it that way. He’s always viewed Nato’s eastern expansion as a threat. Finland shares a 1,300km (800 miles) border with Russia, bringing the alliance’s military might that much closer Moscow. Finnish and Swedish membership will make Nato more robust too - boosting its Eastern flank and presence in the Baltic Sea. And the Kremlin has threatened retaliation. Some fear it might deploy targeted nuclear weapons. But Finnish diplomats I’ve spoken to believe Russia has its military hands full in Ukraine and that it will instead focus on cyber and disinformation campaigns. They say President Putin has himself to blame that Nato is expanding. Before Russia invaded Ukraine most Finns and Swedes preferred to work alongside but not inside Nato. Russian aggression, its expansionist zeal, changed all that."
Protesters, including Russian citizens, shout slogans in support of Ukraine during an anti-war rally in Tbilisi, Georgia, March 24. REUTERS/Irakli Gedenidze
Bosse, 9, holds a sign at an anti-war demonstration, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in Hamburg, Germany, March 20, 2022. REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer
People take part in a demonstration for peace, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in front of the seat of the Swiss federal parliament Bundeshaus in Bern, Switzerland March 19. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann
Paris|March 5 Thousands hold Ukrainian flags as they take part in a Demonstration
Tel Aviv|March 5 Protesters hold signs at a demonstration
Marseille|March5 Demonstrators protest Russia's military invasion of Ukraine
Zurich|March 5 People attend a rally against the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Berlin|Feb.27 Tens of thousands of people gather in Tiergarten park

humph-trump-up-to-no-good NYTIMES: "WASHINGTON — The National Archives confirmed on Friday that it had found classified information among material that President Donald J. Trump had taken with him to his home in Florida when he left office last year and that it had consulted with the Justice Department about the matter. The agency “has identified items marked as classified national security information within the boxes,” according to a letter posted on the National Archives and Record Administration’s website. Last month, the archives retrieved 15 boxes that Mr. Trump took with him to his Mar-a-Lago home from the White House residence when his term ended. The boxes included material subject to the Presidential Records Act, which requires that all documents and records pertaining to official business be turned over to the archives..."
pence-and-the-insurrectionist "Washington (CNN)Retired federal judge Michael Luttig never expected to jump into the heated fight over the certification of the 2020 presidential election. And he certainly never imagined he would end up using Twitter to help former Vice President Mike Pence defy then-President Donald Trump. But on the night of January 4, while at his home in Colorado, Luttig got a call from an old friend, Richard Cullen, Pence's personal lawyer. Cullen had a simple request: "Tell me about John Eastman," Cullen said. Eastman, one of Luttig's former law clerks, had just been part of an Oval Office meeting with Trump to try to pressure Pence to overturn the election. Eastman had also written a now famous point-by-point memo that outlined an outlandish legal argument justifying how Pence had no obligation to certify the election for Joe Biden. "I instantly understood the significance of the moment," Luttig said in recounting the call to CNN. "I understood that this was a signal moment in history. And that I was to play some role, if for no other reason than by virtue of the fact that my former law clerk was advising the president and vice president that we do not have to accept the electoral college vote." Luttig told Cullen that Eastman was wrong. "I said, 'Well, you know, there's no question that the Vice President has no choice as a constitutional matter.'" "Well, I figured that that's what you thought," Cullen said. .."
casitas-de-esperanza NBCNEWS:"...Even with the minimum wage, if you’re working a full-time job, and you’re making $15 an hour, but the house you’re living in is $2,400,” she said. “There is no way to bridge that gap. So one of the things that we’ve seen with homelessness in our community is that we have a lot of people who are working who are homeless.” .."
Journalist-Lourdes-Maldonado-Lopez-killed "Mexico City (CNN)Journalist Lourdes Maldonado López was killed on Sunday in northern Mexico's border city of Tijuana, marking the third killing of a journalist in the country in two weeks. López was shot to death inside a car in Tijuana's Santa Fe neighborhood, according to a Sunday statement from the Baja California Attorney General Office. Local law enforcement first received a report on Sunday at 7 p.m. local time and found López dead upon arrival, it said. An investigation is underway. López covered corruption and politics, and had been the victim of previous attacks for her work, according to the human rights organization, Article 19, of which López was a member. .. "
thousands-protest-in-India "Delhi, India (CNN)At a conference in India last month, a Hindu extremist dressed head-to-toe in the religion's holy color, saffron, called on her supporters to kill Muslims and "protect" the country. "If 100 of us become soldiers and are prepared to kill 2 million (Muslims), then we will win ... protect India, and make it a Hindu nation," said Pooja Shakun Pandey, a senior member of the right-wing Hindu Mahasabha political party, according to a video of the event. Her words -- and calls for violence from other religious leaders -- were met with a roar of applause from the large audience, video from the three-day conference in the northern Indian city of Haridwar shows. But across India, people were outraged. Nearly a month on, many are still furious at the lack of government response or arrests over the comments, which they say highlights a worsening climate for the country's Muslims... "
Al Jezeera reporter killed WASHINGTONPOST:
"JERUSALEM — The funeral of slain Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh began in chaos Friday, as Israeli police set off stun grenades and beat mourners with batons, after a group of them tried to carry her coffin on their shoulders rather than let it be loaded in a hearse.By day’s end, the crowds had swelled into the largest Palestinian gathering in Jerusalem in recent memory. Mourners called it a stunning display of national unity, prompted by the death of a journalist being hailed as an icon, with a face familiar across the Arab world, who was the latest victim, they said, of Israel’s decades-long occupation. Abu Akleh, a correspondent for the Al Jazeera news channel, was shot dead Wednesday while covering an Israeli military raid in the West Bank. The network and Palestinian authorities said she was shot by Israeli troops. Israel has said she was caught in crossfire. After saying Palestinian gunmen were most likely responsible, the military said Thursday that it was examining the possibility that one of its soldiers fired the shot..."
flechettes-being-used CNN:"Irpin, Ukraine (CNN)More than a month after the Ukrainian army retook Irpin from the Russians, Volodymyr Klimashevskyi is still finding the little nail-like projectiles scattered around his garden and embedded deep in the walls of his house. "You can't take them out with your hands, you need to use pliers," Klimashevskyi said, pointing to the wall dotted with the dark darts. Called flechettes -- French for "little arrows" -- these razor-sharp, inch-long projectiles are a brutal invention of World War I when the Allies used them to strike as many enemy soldiers as possible. They are packed into shells that are fired by tanks. When the shell detonates, several thousands of the projectiles are sprayed over a large area. Flechette shells are not banned, but their use in civilian areas is prohibited under humanitarian law, because of their indiscriminate nature. They cause severe damage as they rip through the body, twisting and bending -- and can be lethal.The United States used them during the Vietnam War and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs accused the Israeli military of using them against civilians in 2010 in Gaza, according to a report by the US State Department. But other than that, they have been rarely used in modern warfare..."
5-9-quake-Afhanistan "(CNN)Afghanistan was rocked by its deadliest earthquake in decades on Wednesday when a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck the country's east, killing more than 1,000 people and wounding many more, according to a regional official. The humanitarian disaster comes at a difficult time for the Taliban-ruled country, currently in the throes of hunger and economic crises. The shocks hit at 1:24 a.m. local time on Wednesday (4:54 p.m. ET on Tuesday) around 46 kilometers (28.5 miles) southwest of the city of Khost, which lies close to the country's border with Pakistan, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The quake registered at a depth of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), according to USGS, which designated it at yellow alert level -- indicating a relatively localized impact. Most of the deaths were in Paktika province, in the districts of Giyan, Nika, Barmal and Zirok, according to the State Ministry for Disaster Management..."
David-Flink "New York (CNN)Growing up, David Flink struggled in school -- despite his smarts. He had a hard time focusing in class, and he didn't understand why he couldn't learn the way other students did. "There was a calculation made," he said. "I could either be the dumb kid or I could be the bad kid. So, I started acting out." Flink was often asked to leave the classroom because of the disruptions he caused. "At one point, my desk was literally moved to the hallway," he said. "But then I had this message sent to me that I didn't belong in a classroom." One in five children in the United States has a learning disability. At the time, Flink didn't realize he was among them, and his struggles left him feeling alone and isolated.It was in a hallway where Flink met his first mentor, the school's janitor. "He got to know me, and eventually we started playing chess," Flink said. "There was nothing that said he had to take an interest in my life, and he did anyhow. And that saved me." .."
another-earth-is-undoubtedly-out-there CNN:"Another Earth is undoubtedly out there': MIT astrophysicist "The Hunt for Planet B" follows scientists as they build and plan for the launch of NASA's Webb Telescope, the most powerful and complex space telescope..."" Since the launch of Kepler space telescope in 2009 scientists have been able to discover thousands of planets. "...The James Webb Space Telescope will peer into the atmospheres of exoplanets, some of which are potentially habitable, and look deeper into the universe than we've ever been able to before..."
secret-meeting-of-fake-electors CNN:"'A secret meeting place': Fake GOP elector reveals how phony ballots were cast for Trump Erin Burnett Out Front A fake elector from Wisconsin reveals how he and other Republicans met secretly to produce phony documents and subvert democracy. CNN's Kyung Lah reports..."
Sri-Lanka CNN:"...For weeks, Sri Lanka has been battling its worst economic crisis since the island nation gained independence in 1948, leaving food, fuel, gas and medicine in short supply, and sending the cost of basic goods skyrocketing.Though the situation is now particularly acute, it's been years in the making... "30% is misfortune. 70% is mismanagement," said Murtaza Jafferjee, chair of Colombo-based think tank Advocata Institute. For the past decade, he said, the Sri Lankan government had borrowed vast sums of money from foreign lenders and expanded public services. As the government's borrowings grew, the economy took hits from major monsoons that hurt agricultural output in 2016 and 2017, followed by a constitutional crisis in 2018, and the deadly Easter bombings in 2019. ..Sri Lanka is now looking for outside help to ease the economic turmoil -- the IMF, India and China..."
Abigail NYTIMES:"Enslaved to a Founding Father, She Sought Freedom in France Brought from America to Paris by John Jay, an enslaved woman named Abigail died there trying to win her liberty as the statesman negotiated the freedom of the new nation.Despite its many markers of memory there are some stories about the past that Paris does not tell. I am an African American historian who spends each summer in Paris with family. Last June, as pandemic shutdowns lifted, guests arrived, eager to discover city highlights and get beyond the guidebooks. Conditions weren’t ideal, but when they asked me to share something about the city’s history, I invited them to discover how France and the United States were long ago bound together in the brutality of trans-Atlantic slavery. I introduced my visitors to an enslaved woman whom I know by only one name, Abigail. Brought from the United States to Paris by one of America’s founders, John Jay, she died there in a failed attempt to win her liberty. The city’s markers of memory — lieux des memoires — readily tell the story of men like Jay who finalized the terms of freedom for the new United States there in 1783. He was among the men who famously signed the Treaty of Paris that September, settling the American Revolutionary War. Still, Abigail’s story until today remains easy to overlook...Much of what we know about Abigail’s fateful 18 months in Paris comes from the surviving letters of John Jay, Benjamin Franklin and their families as they worked to thwart her efforts to get free. Missives were passed between households in the villages of Passy and Chaillot, tiny enclaves bordering Paris. Letters carried news from Paris to London, where Jay attended to his health and family business..."
ike-schab "(CNN)A Pearl Harbor survivor will be in attendance at the 80th remembrance ceremony this week, thanks to the help of his daughter and dozens of strangers who wanted to make sure he could be there. Ike Schab, 101, told CNN he was on a docked ship when the attack occurred in 1941. "I don't remember seeing the Arizona get hit, but I remember being at the bow of our ship and a big high tower of flame and debris came off of her," Schab said. "It's getting harder to remember these things, but I remember trying not to get killed during the war. Like most people." His daughter, Kimberlee Heinrichs, told CNN she knew her dad needed to attend the event on December 7, after his social life was severely limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But after a tough year of layoffs and financial struggle, getting him there with the care he needed didn't seem possible...To raise the money to get a second caregiver Heinrichs turned to GoFundMe. After about a week she exceeded the $5,000 goal and then some."The idea that complete strangers donated money... made me cry.....
Lake-Shasta "(CNN)Against the backdrop of the water crisis in the Colorado River Basin, where the country's largest reservoirs are plunging at an alarming rate, California's two largest reservoirs — Shasta Lake and Lake Oroville — are facing a similar struggle. Years of low rainfall and snowpack and more intense heat waves have fed directly to the state's multiyear, unrelenting drought conditions, rapidly draining statewide reservoirs. And according to this week's report from the US Drought Monitor, the two major reservoirs are at "critically low levels" at the point of the year when they should be the highest."
prc-incursion "TAIPEI, Oct 2 (Reuters) - Taiwan has reported the largest ever incursion by the Chinese air force into its air defence zone, with 38 aircraft flying in two waves on Friday as Beijing marked the founding of the People's Republic of China. Chinese-claimed Taiwan has complained for a year or more of repeated missions by China's air force near the democratically governed island, often in the southwestern part of its air defence zone close to the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands. The Taiwan Defence Ministry first reported Taiwanese fighters had scrambled against 18 J-16 and four Su-30 fighter jets plus two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers and an anti-submarine aircraft. Then in the early hours of Saturday, the ministry said a further 13 Chinese aircraft were involved in a mission on Friday night - 10 J-16s, 2 H-6s and an early warning aircraft.It said Taiwan sent combat aircraft to warn away the Chinese aircraft, while missile systems were deployed to monitor them. The first batch of Chinese aircraft all flew in an area close to the Pratas Islands, with the two bombers flying closest to the atoll, according to a map issued by the ministry. The second group flew down into the Bashi Channel that separates Taiwan from the Philippines, a key waterway that links the Pacific with the disputed South China Sea.China has yet to comment on its activities. It has previously said such flights were to protect the country's sovereignty and aimed at "collusion" between Taiwan and the United States, the island's most important international backer..."
a-mother-and-her-son NYTIMES:"GONE Nearly 100,000 people have disappeared in Mexico. Their families now search for clues among the dead.They lie in clandestine graves strewn across the desert, mingled in communal pits, or hacked to pieces and scattered on desiccated hillsides. Buried without a name, often all that’s left once their bodies are gone are the empty casings of a person: a bloodied sweatshirt, a frilly top, a tattered dress.All over Mexico, mothers wander under the scorching sun, poking at the earth and sniffing for the tell-tale scent of decomposing flesh, hoping for a scrap that points toward their missing son or daughter. For most, the answers never come.A New York Times photographer documented their search, and in Chihuahua state, he photographed the clothing that was found with unidentified bodies and preserved by investigators. ..."
pro democracy activists remanded Reuters:"Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong was remanded into custody on Monday after pleading guilty to charges of organising and inciting an unauthorized assembly near the police headquarters during last year's anti-government protests..."
Woman and child in Tigray BBC:"Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: PM gives Tigray forces 72 hours to surrender. Ethiopia's prime minister has given forces in the northern region of Tigray 72 hours to surrender as government troops advance on the capital, Mekelle. Abuy Ahmed told Tigrayan leaders they were 'at a point of no return'.."
The Wonders of Star Gazing CNN: "The two largest planets in our solar system are coming closer together than they have been since the Middle Ages, and it's happenng just in tie for Christmas. So there are some things to look forward to in the final month of 2020.On the night of December 21, the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will appear so closely aligned n our sky that they will look like a double planet. This close approach is called a conjunction.' Alignments between these two planets are rather rare, occurring once every 20 years or so, but this conjunction is exceptionally rare...'..."
Large and Small Magellanic Clouds CNN:"There are nearly 2 billion stars in our galaxy. At least that's what the most current map shows. Astronomers have mapped the most extensive atlas of our Milky Way galaxy yet, including the positions of each and every one of those stars. The European Space Agency's Gaia space observatory also tracked the movement, colorsand brightness of these stars as well as the first visible measurement of the acceleration of our solar system..."
Origin of the planets capsule lands in Australia Reuters:"Japan has retrieved a capsule of asteroid dust from Australia's remote outback after a six-year mission that may help uncover more about the origins of the planets and water, the Asian nation's space agency said on Sunday. The mission of the Japanese spacecraft, Hayabusa2, spotlights Asia's growing role in space exploration, with a Chinese robotic vehicle collecting lunar samples last week for the first time since the 1970s. ...."
Danny-Stewart-Pete-Mercurio-and-their-son "(CNN)A New York family who came together by chance 21 years ago has now shared their remarkable story in a children's book. Pete Mercurio was walking out the door to meet his then-partner (now husband) Danny Stewart for dinner in August 2000 when his phone rang. It was Stewart, calling to tell him he'd be late. He'd found an abandoned baby in the subway and had called 911 from a payphone. Stewart, a social worker, had spotted a little bundle wrapped in a sweatshirt while walking through an eerily empty station. At first, he thought it was a doll, perhaps left behind by a child, until he saw a tiny leg move. He quickly discovered it was a newborn baby, the umbilical cord still attached. Mercurio, who authored a book about this chance encounter, spoke to CNN about that night, and about how he and Stewart ended up raising the baby as their own..."He had actually tried to get on an express train and couldn't get on one," Mercurio recalls of Stewart's path that fateful day. "The fact that he even got on a local was kind of miraculous because who knows if he had gotten on an express if he'd even had found the baby." Mercurio says something made Stewart glance back at the bundle and see the newborn's small motion..."
public-education-in-crisis WASHINGTONPOST:"Test scores are down, and violence is up. Parents are screaming at school boards, and children are crying on the couches of social workers. Anger is rising. Patience is falling. For public schools, the numbers are all going in the wrong direction. Enrollment is down. Absenteeism is up. There aren’t enough teachers, substitutes or bus drivers. Each phase of the pandemic brings new logistics to manage, and Republicans are planning political campaigns this year aimed squarely at failings of public schools. Public education is facing a crisis unlike anything in decades, and it reaches into almost everything that educators do: from teaching math, to counseling anxious children, to managing the building. ..."
Embla-Ademi "(CNN)The President of North Macedonia walked an 11-year-old girl with Down syndrome to school after he heard she was being bullied. President Stevo Pendarovski held Embla Ademi's hand as he walked her to her elementary school in the city of Gostivar on Monday. Embla has experienced bullying at school due as a result of having Down syndrome -- a genetic condition that causes learning disabilities, health problems and distinctive facial characteristics -- a spokesperson for the President's office told CNN.Pendarovski "talked to Embla's parents about the challenges she and her family face on a daily basis," and discussed solutions, his office said in a press release. "The President said that the behavior of those who endanger children's rights is unacceptable, especially when it comes to children with atypical development," the statement said. "They should not only enjoy the rights they deserve, but also feel equal and welcome in the school desks and schoolyard. It is our obligation, as a state, but also as individuals, and the key element in this common mission is empathy."..."
marcos-jr-supporters "MANILA, May 9 (Reuters) - Ferdinand Marcos Jr clinched a stunning runaway victory in the Philippines' presidential election on Monday in the first win by a majority since a 1986 revolution that toppled his late father's two-decade dictatorship. An unofficial tally showed Marcos, popularly known as "Bongbong", had surpassed the 27.5 million votes needed for a majority, setting the stage for a once unthinkable return to rule of the Marcos family, 36 years after its humiliating retreat into exile during a "people power" uprising."I hope you won't get tired of trusting us," Marcos told supporters in remarks streamed on Facebook, a platform at the core of his political strategy. "We have plenty of things to do," he said, adding "an endeavour as large as this does not involve one person." Marcos Jr had 29.9 million votes, double that of Leni Robredo, the vice president, with 93.8% of the eligible ballots counted, according to the unofficial Commission on Elections (COMELEC) tally. Turnout was about 80% ..."
PRC Flag outside the old city Xingjiang CNN:"The Chinese government's alleged actions in Xinjiang have violated every single provision in the United Nations' Genocide Convention, according to an independent report by more than 50 global experts in human rights, war crimes and international law. .. It is the first time a non-governmental organization has undertaken an independent legal analysis of the accusations of genocide in Xinjiang, including what responsibility Beijing may bear for the alleged crimes. An advance copy of the report was seen exclusively by CNN. ..."
Auschwitz Reuters:"Marian Turski, a 94-year-old survivor of the Auschwitz death camp, marked the 76th anniversary of its liberation by Soviet troops on Wednesday only virtually, aware that he might never return as the coronavirus pandemic drags on.Survivors and museum officials told Reuters they fear the pandemic could end the era where Auschwitz’s former prisoners can tell their own stories to visitors on site. Most Auschwitz survivors are in their eighties and nineties. “Even if there was no pandemic, there would be fewer survivors at every anniversary,” Turski told Reuters in a Zoom interview from his Warsaw home."
ABCNEWS: "Smaller, grassroots efforts in communities across the country are trying alternative strategies to curb violence, recognizing the fallout from decades of “tough on crime” policies that criminalized a generation, leaving them with fewer resources and opportunities than ever. That includes violence interrupter programs such as Gideon’s Army or Cure Violence Global, which started in Chicago and has branched out to other cites. Other groups, including the West Nashville Dream Center, primarily attack structural issues such as poverty and educational inequality. The groups differ in philosophy but share a common goal of improving life in their communities. Minorities are heavily affected by community violence, said Paul Carrillo, the community violence initiative director at the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, but it’s not unusual to see pushback surface at the grassroots level.“Anywhere there’s a significant level of crime there are also homegrown peacemakers," he said...."
500-years NBCNEWS:"MEXICO CITY — There are two ways of remembering the Spanish siege of Tenochtitlán, the Aztec capital now known as Mexico City: as the painful birth of modern Mexico, or the start of centuries of virtual enslavement. The world-changing battle started on May 22, 1521, and lasted for months until the city finally fell to the conquistadores on Aug. 13. It was one of the few times an organized Indigenous army under local command fought European colonizers to a standstill for months, and the final defeat helped set the template for much of the conquest and colonization that came afterward. ..."
People sift through debris NBCNews:"A new report by a federal agency that regulates the nation's commodities markets warns that climate change 'poses a major risk to the stability of the U.S. financial system' and is already affecting, or is projected to affect, nearly every part of the American economy. Coming at the midpoint of what has already been an intense hurricane season and as extreme wildfires rage across a huge part of the west Coast, the report offers one of the most strongly worded warnings about the financial risks of climate change yet seen from a federal financial regulator..."
Pro Democracy Activist arrested in security crackdown Reuters:"Over 50 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of violating the city's national security law, local media reported, in the biggest crackdown yet against the opposition camp under the contentious new legislation. Police also arrived at the offices of pr-democracy online media outlet Stand News, according to live footage on its website. A Stand News reporter said police had asked the editor-in-chief to sign documents related to a national security investigation..."
Lost Library BBC:"Centuries ago, a prestigious Islamic library brought Arabic numerals to the world. Though the library long since disappeared, its mathematical revolution changed our world. The House of Wisdom sounds a bit like make belive: no trace remains of this ancient library, destroyed in the 13th Century, so we cannot be sure exactly where it was located or what it looked like. But this prestigious academy was in fact a major intellectual powerhouse..."
Li-Jingwei CNN:"Hong Kong (CNN)A man who was abducted as a child in China more than 30 years ago has been reunited with his parents -- thanks to social media, online sleuths and a crude map drawn from memory. Li Jingwei was only 4 years old when he was kidnapped by a man he knew from his family's village in southwestern Yunnan province in 1988. He was taken to live with another family in central Henan province, where he grew up, according to state-run news outlet The Paper. Even as a young child, Li realized he had been taken far from home -- but he had no way of returning even as he grew older, he told The Paper. He didn't remember his birth name, his parents' names or the name of his village. But he did remember what his home village looked like: where trees grew, cows grazed, roads turned and rivers flowed. He remembered the rice paddies and ponds near his house, and where bamboo shoots grew in the nearby mountain. .."
csu-bans-caste-discrimination "(CNN)On paper, the change was subtle -- the word "caste" appearing in parentheses after the term "race and ethnicity." But for many advocates and student leaders, the tweak to California State University's anti-discrimination policy that quietly went into effect on January 1 was a civil rights victory: An acknowledgment from the nation's largest, four-year public university system that the insidious form of oppression that has long haunted some on campus is, in fact, real. Caste-oppressed students, who mostly hail from South Asian immigrant and diaspora backgrounds, say that casteism tends to manifest in US colleges and universities through slurs, microaggressions and social exclusion...."
The-Patel-Family NBCNEWS:"In the small village of Dingucha, in the state of Gujarat in western India, flyers are plastered on lampposts and buildings, hard to miss even on a short walk down the road. They advertise to the residents, most of whom live in poverty, a better life abroad. “Study in UK, Canada, Free Application, Offer Letter In 3 Days.” The promise might sound too good to be true, but those who live there say many of their dreams revolve around it. “If there is money, they will go,” Ganpatbhai Patel, a resident of Dingucha, told NBC News in a translated interview. Last month, a family took up that offer, as many had before. Jagdish Patel, 39, Vaishaliben Patel, 37, and their children, Vihangi, 11, and Dharmik, 3, left their home in Dingucha and set out for Canada. About a week later, their bodies were found 13 yards from the border, where they had froze to death trying to cross into the U.S. on foot..."
Sagittarius-A "(CNN)For the first time, astronomers have captured an image of the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. It's the first direct observation confirming the presence of the black hole, known as Sagittarius A*, as the beating heart of the Milky Way. Black holes don't emit light, but the image shows the shadow of the black hole surrounded by a bright ring, which is light bent by the gravity of the black hole. Astronomers said the black hole is 4 million times more massive than our sun. "For decades, astronomers have wondered what lies at the heart of our galaxy, pulling stars into tight orbits through its immense gravity," Michael Johnson, astrophysicist at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian, said in a statement."With the (Event Horizon Telescope or EHT) image, we have zoomed in a thousand times closer than these orbits, where the gravity grows a million times stronger. At this close range, the black hole accelerates matter"